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KT edit: The ‘staying’ power of the Emirates

And what does this mean? No, it’s not just an opportunity to shore up the economy with those tourist dollars and dirhams.

Published: Mon 22 Mar 2021, 12:00 AM

Stephen Covey once said that trust is the glue of life and a foundational principle that holds all relationships. In other words, if we want to stick together, let’s work together — as one cohesive unit. This same binding fundamental is held dearly by the UAE. Just when you thought it had already implemented every imaginable policy that merits global renown, it keeps us expecting more, given its dynamism and ability to adapt. Sunday’s decision of the UAE Cabinet to grant multi-entry visit visas to all nationalities and remote work visas, therefore, is one of the most interesting — and promising.

And what does this mean? No, it’s not just an opportunity to shore up the economy with those tourist dollars and dirhams. And not just a chance for more people to experience the country, an oasis of fun, without the hassles of obtaining a visa over and again. This is all about transforming lives. We’ve heard the stories of expats coming over on visit visas with the intent of just having a good time, yet stumbling upon an opportunity to earn a better living or, in a good number of cases, start their own businesses. In some cases, even conglomerates.

Businesses will significantly benefit from these new initiatives because the new multiple-entry tourist visas would eliminate visa-application cycles. It’s also a blessing for those who need to frequent, say, their Dubai HQ for meetings or site visits, without being a UAE-based employee. The remote work visa, meanwhile, removes the need for companies to open up offices in the UAE to hire people within the country, thereby reducing operations costs while garnering gainful employment. Businessmen from conflict zones or regions that are unsafe can now ensure smooth operations sitting in the comfort of the UAE’s secure environment. They can also be assured that their families are safe in the UAE. With the decision, the UAE is pushing itself beyond the bounds it has already set. An expected influx of travellers will prompt the government to ensure more creative and innovation-driven service offerings. All these would ultimately translate into more efficient operations, reduced costs, and most importantly, the freedom for people to enjoy quality life — another key pillar on which the UAE has built its stature.

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