It's a strange world, thanks to the people we meet

I still remember when we were young, our parents would tell us 'Don't talk to strangers'! And that worked well for us.

By Lamiya Siraj

Published: Wed 10 Jul 2019, 9:00 PM

Last updated: Wed 10 Jul 2019, 11:29 PM

Have we become strangers in this world of technology and gadgets? But don't we get ample time to be online and stay connected with the virtual world through the internet? Does that mean we have no time for the real world?
When was the last time we observed ourselves? When was the last time you smiled at a stranger or received a smile in return? I am sure this is a simple question yet difficult one to answer as most of the time, we have our heads bowed down, glued to the screens.
I still remember when we were young, our parents would tell us 'Don't talk to strangers'! And that worked well for us. We were young, our minds were young, which means we were not old enough to be discerning. We were not able to decide if a stranger was good or bad. But as we grew, the situation changes. We are now able to comprehend what is good and bad.
The importance, rather the comfort of the human touch seems to be vanishing day by day. People have, in fact, started to feel safe by not connecting with the real world. Instead, they feel safe and secure being away from all the unnecessary fuss and emotional distractions. But haven't we felt the need to talk to strangers? Haven't we thought about the benefits we can get out of talking to strangers?
Anything is possible in life. A stranger you meet can become your lifeline with the passing years. In the same vein, the person most close to you can become a stranger in a matter of seconds. Life has become unpredictable. Surprisingly, you might meet the same person again at the crossroads of life and you might again continue the beautiful journey of your life together. The never-ending road of life will take you towards your destination of happiness and fill you up with all the confidence and courage required to face any adversities and difficulties.
It's time we changed our attitude towards strangers. Yes, we live in dangerous times, but not all strangers we meet are not dangerous. We need to be suspicious, but we should also be trusting. The whole world is not our enemy.
Let's start by changing ourselves. Each individual has the capability to connect with people, allowing us the human experiences which are enriching experiences.  Right from the morning we get innumerable chances to meet and greet strangers. It could be a taxi driver, a sales person at a mall, fellow passengers at airports, lounges, railway stations and the bus stand. Interaction depends on people's personalities. If you are an introvert, it might be difficult to talk to strangers. At the same time, if the other person is an extrovert, communication becomes quicker. Such communications are also a great way to socialise and to build networks. It is also interesting to see the world through the eyes of another person.
The world out there is for us to explore. So, try to see it through a different perspective. Talking to strangers and discussing various topics helps boost our confidence and makes us feel self-motivated. It also helps improve our communication skills. Yes, the world is full of strangers and that's what makes it so interesting.
-Lamiya Siraj is based in Abu Dhabi

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