Hope Mars mission piques the interest of young minds

Kudos to the UAE for creating history by launching the Hope Probe Mission to Mars from Japan on July 16. Years of hard work and dedication have paid off as the the UAE became the first country in the Arab world to send a mission to Mars. Hope will reach the of the red planet in seven months and send valuable data to earth that will help in detailed examination and study of the Martian atmosphere. 
The successful launch of the Al Amal/ Hope probe is a scintillating feat and aptly timed with the fifty years of the formation of the UAE. It is also a testimony to the country's pragmatic and visionary leadership who constantly strives to develop technology and science capabilities in the emirates. The mission would do a world of good to ignite minds and encourage the region's young ones to take more interest in space. 
The mission truly represents hope and optimism to mankind, and is a great source of pride and achievement for every Arab. It is a momentous occasion for celebration for everyone. -Jayashree Kulkarni, Pune

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