History at UN

Mahmoud Abbas has successfully pushed the envelope at the United Nations. His defiance as far as not succumbing to the pressure from the Quartet, namely the United States, the EU, the UN and Russia, is concerned is genuine leadership.

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Published: Sun 25 Sep 2011, 9:55 PM

Last updated: Mon 6 Apr 2015, 7:03 PM

By submitting the requisition for recognition of statehood, the Palestinian president has invoked world conscience to come to the rescue of a homeless nation whose land has been encroached upon at the hands of real-politicks. The stance from Israel that only talks can help resolve the issue does not hold any water. The so-called peace process, which has turned into a crude joke, could not make any headway not because Palestinians had demanded something from the moon but owing to the Israeli intransigence that it would not budge land in lieu for permanent peace in the volatile region. And now the statement from Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu as he told the United Nations that the core of the conflict was not settlements but the refusal of the Palestinians to recognise Israel as a Jewish state is an act of hoodwinking public opinion. The fact is that the 22-member Arab League and the Muslim world at large had offered official acknowledgement of Israel if the Palestinian state came into being and refugees were allowed to go back to their ancestral land. What more concrete can the guarantee be than a firm commitment to end the imbroglio for all times to come? This is the time for Netanyahu and Obama to ignore their call for expediency and get real in dealing with an issue of peace and tranquility that matter to the entire world.

With the Palestinian synopsis now with the world body, no more time could be lost in treading the bureaucratic path. The General Assembly has to get categorical and pronounce the statehood of Palestine in all humility. As far as the gimmicks that might evolve at the Security Council, like an obligatory political veto from Washington, it is incumbent upon the General Assembly to thwart it as per international law, sovereignty and fundamentals of life and property.

Declaration and recognition of Palestinian state is sine qua non for world peace as well as for upholding the integrity of the world body. Now as the Quartet launches a campaign to convince Abbas for more talks, it would be appropriate of them to pressurise Israel to bow its head in all sincerity. Emergence of a state as per the dictates of 1967 is indispensable.

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