Hadi's 'legitimate' government is a disgrace

President Abd Rabbu Mansour Hadi's government has chosen to ignore the efforts of the coalition to bring peace to the south of the country.

By Mustafa Al Zarooni

Published: Wed 21 Aug 2019, 9:00 PM

Last updated: Wed 21 Aug 2019, 11:17 PM

The 'legitimate' government in Yemen has caused much damage to the people of the country by playing into the hands of enemies and extremists. Worse, it has been disloyal to the cause spearheaded by the Arab Coalition fighting on its behalf.
President Abd Rabbu Mansour Hadi's government has chosen to ignore the efforts of the coalition to bring peace to the south of the country. It has deceived and taken the coalition for granted in its efforts to simply hang on to power.
Hadi has played foul; he has manipulated the war for personal gains by forging ties with suspicious allies who have extremist leanings. He has dumped other factions in the country to survive at any cost.
The Yemen government has sided with the Al Islah movement which has no forces on the battlefield, has no control of any area in the country unlike forces of the Southern Transitional Council (STC) that has worked in tandem with UAE forces to liberate the South from the Houthis.
The southern region represents about 80% of the Yemeni territory. Hadi's forces could not control even a single area in the North and strayed into Marib for support from UAE-led forces.
In the South, the UAE has built strong partnerships with various factions. There is close coordination to confront a common enemy, yet Hadi has played spoilsport.
The STC and Emirati forces fought against terrorists like Al Qaeda and Daesh, but Hadi has cheated them at the behest of the Al Islah. It is true that the group controls the Hadi government and plots strategy.
UAE forces trained local troops against the Houthis and helped in building schools, hospitals and power stations. They have gained respect through their actions among the Yemeni southerners.
The UAE has taken the issue to the UN and has blamed Hadi for failing to show up while it fought the war in Yemen. "It is not appropriate for the Yemeni government to hang its political and administrative failure on the UAE," the UAE's deputy permanent UN representative said in New York.
The STC said it would hold Aden until elements of the Islah, which the UAE regards as an offshoot of the Muslim Brotherhood, and northerners are removed from power positions in the South. It also wants a say in Yemen's future.
Hadi should never forget that his government was ousted and was struggling to stay alive after the Houthi-led coup in September 2014.
Back then, the UAE was one of the first countries to partner with Saudi Arabia. Others like Bahrain and Egypt joined them and the Houthis were driven away from the South.
But the 'legitimate' government of Hadi has operated from abroad while Emirati and other forces fought on the battlefield with honour. Hadi held meetings from 5-star hotels, enjoyed state hospitality while the Yemeni people died in thousands.
This 'legitimate' government has shamelessly turned against the STC and UAE forces by making irresponsible statements at the UN while living in luxury. They have stabbed them in the back and have been treacherous in their dealings with them.
The Yemeni government cooked up news and spread them. Their ingratitude has hurt the war effort against the Houthis and Iran.
The UAE does not regret what it has done for Yemen. Yemeni interests came first - to regain their land and freedom. But Hadi and his government took their legitimacy for granted. His government has now been hijacked by extremists who will destroy it.
The accusations at the UN are shameful with Hadi living in the lap of luxury and enjoying the hospitality of Gulf countries.
An Arab proverb says, "If you are not ashamed, do what you want." This is what happened at the UN when the Hadi government disgraced itself by letting down the UAE which has sacrificed so much for Yemen .
We will not allow the good name and deeds of the UAE in Yemen to be sullied by those inimical to Yemeni interests.
The Hadi government has failed militarily and politically to bring peace to Yemen. It has allowed more terror to breed by ceding control to Al Islah.
This 'legitimate' government cannot expect the UAE to remain an ally and supporter after this shameful episode.
- malzarooni@khaleejtimes.com

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