FNC – Striving for Excellence

Acting as the government’s ‘eyes and ears’, the Federal National Council is doing a commendable job. The legislative arm of the UAE, which has been tasked to not only bridge any communication gap between the citizens and the government but also to review the policies of the executive, in a short span of time has made its presence and utility felt.

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Published: Mon 13 Jul 2009, 1:34 AM

Last updated: Mon 6 Apr 2015, 12:32 AM

Which is why the FNC Speaker Abdul Aziz Al Ghurair can take pride in saying that communication between the Council and the community is a two-way traffic, and the ensuing interaction is based on the canons of credibility and confidence.

It is a prospective sign that the 14th legislative chapter of the Council, which ended on June 30, has been successful in legislating on a number of issues of national importance. Moreover, the manner in which the House conducts its business, by being considerate and responsive to the queries of its members, is democracy in action. This is why not only legislators tend to adopt a pro-active role, while discharging their duties, but their role has also boosted the confi- dence of the masses in the Council’s utility and jurisdiction.

Al Ghurair, who believes in articulating the Council’s importance both on the legislative as well as on the public feedback front, is right when he says that issues ranging from domestic concerns to international affairs have, of late, become enriching subjects of debate and introspection. Thus the achievement list of the Council is quite impressive: policies enabling to bridge the gap between citizens and expatriates, streamlining media activities, draft laws on Census Centre, Emirates Securities and Commodities Market, Federal Customs Authority and banks and credit concerns. The Council has also been contributive on the foreign policy front whereby it had involved itself in public diplomacy on the islands dispute with Iran. All this goes on to prove that the UAE is an evolving democracy, and from politics to business and social mobility to customs and traditions, there is nothing that is outside the purview of public representatives.

The credit, indeed, goes to the visionary policies of the leadership who had mandated and advised the Council to go to the people and synergise their activities in building a responsive society. The UAE President His Highness Shaikh Khalifa Bin Zayed Al Nahyan had once rightly pointed out that the most successful plan of action is based on the realities of the ground, and not the ones formulated behind closed doors. And the Federal National Council by bridging the gap between the public representatives and the public at large has lived up to these expectations.

We hope the Council and its members, under the astute and commendable leadership of Al Ghurair, will be able to further cement the bonds between the nationals and expatriates in an era of economic crunch, and help build a society which is exemplary in nature. The FNC’s thrust for a greater public involvement in the decision-making process to achieve the goal of socio-economic and political development is appreciated. It is bound to go a long way in helping UAE rise to new a zenith of power and excellence.

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