Fight hatred in Sinai by restoring faith in humanity

For loved ones of the 305 people killed in the Egypt mosque terror attack, this is worse than horror

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Published: Sat 25 Nov 2017, 7:23 PM

Last updated: Sat 25 Nov 2017, 9:25 PM

Attacking worshippers in a mosque is a cowardly act. It points to new levels of depravity and shamelessness that have taken over terror groups. It shows a sickness of the mind that cannot be cured with one swift stroke. These killers put beasts to shame, for animals kill only for food. This isn't murder, it is madness, an insanity that should make people introspect what they have become and the direction of the human race. What made them commit these despicable acts? How far will they go? How many more will perish through their actions? What steps should be taken to contain them? And how fast should it be done?
For loved ones of the 305 people killed in the Egypt mosque terror attack, this is worse than horror. A horrendous crime that has hit home and ripped their families apart. It will reverberate through all their waking hours and strip them of sleep. The Egyptian government has promised action against the Sinai Province group, a Daesh affiliate - brutal retribution. But bringing order to the Sinai region, a fertile ground for extremism, will be challenging as the terror group does not hold ground like they did in Iraq or Syria. Launching military operations could also claim the lives of more innocents. Collateral damage is a real risk when you are fighting an enemy that has infiltrated deep into society. There is hate in their eyes and in their hearts, a hate driven by intolerance of humanity without reason, a hatred that will take them to any lengths to destroy humanity. Talking to these murderers will only give them credibility. They must be taken down militarily without delay, at the earliest, while at the same time opening dialogue with sections of society which are most vulnerable to the guiles of extremists and preachers of hatred. The economy of the remote region must also be revived and lives must improve for the people. Only then will faith in humanity be restored in Sinai, a region torn by the terror and strife.

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