Enough of criticism, slap sanctions on US and Israel

Mere condemnation is not enough to end Israeli atrocities on Palestinians. We need action. What sort of action? United global action. But how when the United States has become an unreliable partner in the quest for an honest solution to the conflict and tensions that have stretched 70 years. The United Nations has lost its teeth after decades of inaction and depends on the largesse of the US, clearly the world's leading superpower in every sense, though Russia and China lay claim to the status of superpowers. They remain wannabes at best that suffering peoples cannot depend on as they continue to indulge in domestic purges and throw personal and societal freedoms and rights out the window. The communist-capitalistic model veers towards despotism. The UK is going its own way. Europe, on the other hand, is less unified than it should be. Countries on the continent lack the democratic or military clout to make real change happen in the Middle East. In this scenario, the US, still steeped in the ideals of democracy, freedoms, the rule of law and human rights, has is both trusted and reviled. Trusted, because of its great democratic traditions. Reviled, because it hasn't been able to build on that trust and take it to the logical conclusion in the greater quest for global peace.
The Palestinians repeatedly placed their trust on Washington but they were subjected to bullying tactics by the man who controls the US administration. The individual still controls the country, that great fount of democracy, the land of the free and brave. In President Donald Trump, the Palestinian yearning for dignity, truth and justice lies shattered in a sea of prejudice and bias. Next door, the Israel, democratic oppressor, is seizing the opportunity to turn into a ruthless oppressor from an occupier. Democracy be damned, is the message. Human hearts have indeed become stone, the blood drained out. Is united action possible in Palestine as the US loses its moral soul? Perhaps, if the Arab world comes together with Europe and other countries under the UN banner. It needs political will and supreme sacrifice. The economic costs will be heavy if they punish the US and Israel with sanctions. Humanity will win for Palestine if they try.

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KT Long Read: Watch this space

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