Dilemma of jittery markets

The bearish mode prevalent in markets worldwide is quite disturbing. Moreover, the trend of macroeconomic indicators being in limbo for a long time now has simply unnerved efforts to buoy them up and has resulted in an irresistible slump.

Financial lenders and respective governments to this day have been unable to charter a territory where they can check inflation, depreciation of currency and inject in measures that could further trade and investment activities. Coupled with this for long has been the sovereign debt crisis enigma that has now encroached almost the whole of Europe, and inadvertently will impact the mighty financial fiefdoms in Washington, Tokyo and Beijing.

This economic weakness around the globe has set in new fears of a crippling recession that could come to beat the upheavals of post-World War-I and that of the Wall Street disaster in the United States. This is why it is argued that a coordinated strategy is the need of the hour and the draft recommendations from Pittsburgh and London, wherein the G20 leaders had vowed to stimulus growth and stress more on governmental regulations, has not been adhered to. It has been widely noticed that leaders have gone back on their words when it came to striking a chord with international dynamics and have instead preferred to ride the popular domestic wave.

The losses that have been reported over the weekend across-the-board in Asia, Europe and America are not only of ticklish nature but one that could come to erode the confidence of trading and interaction on worldwide bourses. This financial mayhem and madness of decision-making in pursuit of safeguarding the blue chips and indulging in some cherry picking is not really making any headway.

This crisis of confidence has set in at a time when real issues of debt-servicing and ensuring growth have not been addressed in a comprehensive manner. From Athens to Washington there is a wave of indecisiveness and lethargy. Unfortunately enough, the real-politick that is being exhibited on the world stage these days in the form of an utter discrimination when it comes to issues of sovereignty, statehood and security of the Middle East and the Third world will make its impact felt sooner than later. Whether the markets go the political way is anybody’s guess. Taking a stand on oil and markets by the minions can literally make the difference.

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