Cats may have nine lives, but don't throw them to the dogs

Calling it animal instinct would be unfair to the poor caged feline that was mauled by the canine.

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Published: Tue 14 Mar 2017, 6:00 PM

Last updated: Tue 14 Mar 2017, 8:23 PM

In a dog-eats-dog world only humans can feed a live cat to a bloodthirsty canine and post the gruesome clip on social media. Nothing is off limits, it seems, and even animals are not spared in the attempt to go viral. Excesses make successful social media videos and visuals. They are shared, retweeted and reposted a million times, and culprits are transformed into online heroes. Negative attention comes from a strange negative energy, and humans won't bat an eyelid to watch it go to the dogs, literally. Calling it animal instinct would be unfair to the poor caged feline that was mauled by the canine.
Worse, the incident was recorded and the clip was shared by the perpetrator or his accomplices on social media - an unsocial thing to do. It was revolting and disgusting. The man has since been arrested but justified his despicable act by saying the cat made a meal of some of his chickens, so he threw it to the willing dog for lunch as punishment. Now to the social media storm by the army of cat lovers that has since died down after the arrest. It's time to ponder about human values, or what is left of them. Social media titans are demanding the maximum punishment for the ghoulish deed, which is Dh200,000 in fine, and a jail term after due legal process. This incident could serve to put the focus on the plight of wild beasts that are kept as pets, or the illegal trade in wildlife, and their killing for ivory, hides and other products. Pet abandonment is another issue that needs to be addressed closer home among expats. The UAE already has several government shelters and programmes in place, such as the Federal Law Number 16 and 22, to tackle these issues. Then again, let the animals keep their instincts. Humans should learn to leave those beasts alone.

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