Another Holocaust in making?

ISRAEL promises the Gaza a "holocaust?" Why not? The time is right for them to strike! Not only have they portioned, or Balkanised, Palestine, subdued the largest part of what is left of it and turned it into a quisling puppet state, but now they can actually take over in the Gaza physically and "acquire" more "fact on the ground" land.

By Debbie Menon (ISSUES)

Published: Tue 4 Mar 2008, 8:54 AM

Last updated: Sun 5 Apr 2015, 4:24 PM

The Quassim rocket attacks, all the talk of 'peace' and negotiation, is all a farcical ruse, a cover-up and a deceptive smokescreen tactic, for they have fully intended to invade Gaza since sixty years ago and, subsequently, as soon as the situation may look propitious, the remainder of Palestine as well, at the earliest opportunity on the flimsiest presentable pretext.

I think their day in the sun, with freedom to commit atrocities without accountability, is waning. Anything they can add to their dominion now gives them more chips with which to bargain should a day of reckoning ever come. And, with more open land to populate with immigrants, the more 'facts on the ground' they acquire.

I don't know what real estate value they may find in the Gaza, but the political value to whomever holds the land is not insignificant, especially to Israel.

The only thing which surprises me is that they would call their actions a 'holocaust' after laboriously putting forth decades of propaganda effort to successfully insinuate 'holocaust' as a substitute for 'genocide' in the minds of most of the world.

I use 'holocaust' with quotation marks and a small 'h' because it is a misleading, exaggerated and inappropriate word when used to identify genocide. Look up the definition in a dictionary and compare its literal meaning with its current misuse.

But, it is refreshing, in a macabre sort of way, to hear them actually confessing to what they are doing.

If any impediments should ever arise to the Israeli holocaust in the Mideast, it will arise from within Israel. They are the ones, next to the Palestinians, who are most affected, and who carry the burden of guilt for all of those deaths, and the only ones in the world who really give a jot about it! Everyone else bleeds, sends money, pays lip-service, and then goes shopping, off to the movies, to the Big Game of the week, or on holiday with the children to Disneyland.

Jews know about guilt. They may not have invented it, but it is they, their mothers, their leaders and propagandists, who have raised 'guilt' to a world class weapon of family and worldwide psychological warfare. They are beginning to feel the effects of blowback!

It has become apparent; unless Hamas themselves can stop them, which is really doubtful, then there is no one else who will, except perhaps, a movement from inside Israel itself. I fear that the time is coming, but not yet ripe.

Perhaps Hamas will make any attempt to occupy Gaza such an expensive and deadly misadventure for Israel and Israelis, that this invasion may be the shift of the fulcrum which tilts the scale and not only blunts, but breaks the point of the Zionist spear into the heart of the Middle East!

None of this is to say that Israel doesn't have a right to exist or that fringe Palestinian violence is justified. But if you want to understand Palestinian rejection of Israel’s 'generous' offers, you must understand the 'facts on the ground.'

Add to this the fact that it's all being imposed by US-supported military might and you'll understand a small piece of what it is that Palestinians are rejecting.

No one is going to overcome Israel, except overreaching Israeli ambition, appetites and greed! The mighty support they have gotten from America is soon to diminish, methinks, for America is not the mighty monster it once was, and it too is an awakening conscience, who is beginning to feel blowback, in the wallets and personal economic disasters they are experiencing.

Let us hope it comes about!

Debbie Menon is a Dubai-based writer. She can be reached at:

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