An ode to the morning larks and I am one among them

I sit up for some time trying to rub the sleep out of my eyes and then push myself out of the bed and the bedroom.

By Annie Mathew

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Published: Thu 9 May 2019, 7:30 PM

Last updated: Thu 9 May 2019, 9:31 PM

Many of us are destined to be morning larks, mainly due to the demands of the profession we are in.
So as the alarm blares every workday at the unearthly hour, I have to pry my eyes open. The first thought that occurs to me is that I should have slept early the previous night! I pledge to do that, as always.
I sit up for some time trying to rub the sleep out of my eyes and then push myself out of the bed and the bedroom. As I pass the comfy couch in the hall, I give it a longing look, Oh! How I would love to sink into it, just for five minutes, nothing more! But the last time I did that, the five minutes had turned to fifty and the whole morning had turned topsy turvy. I give up that intense desire and plod on.
I cringe as the water splashes on my face and stings the eyes, and I enviously think of all the lucky people still fast asleep. I try to motivate myself and be positive about it - I have a job I love, I can come home earlier than others, I am healthy enough to be out of bed, I am alive..
I open the refrigerator and notice the empty slot where the milk bottle was supposed to be! Oh no! I have forgotten to replenish it last night. No grocery store would be open now! I throw a panic-stricken glance at the water can . thankfully, it is only half-empty.
As I potter about in the kitchen I hear the phone pinging - could be the numerous 'good morning' messages from people in a different time zones, such as home country. I decide to ignore them, but what if it's something important? As I pick up the phone, I see some people 'online'. It would be rude if I don't reply, so I do so until I get this strange smell from the kitchen.
Well, not all mornings go awry like this, some are better. There are mornings when I have a bit of extra time to sip my coffee (black) and stand by the window. How beautiful and serene the park looks in the morning, bathed in a mix of faint morning hue and soft, yellow light from the street bulbs.
 I look at the joggers and marvel at their will power: they make the difficult choice to be out and running when they could be home sleeping!
I salute them mentally before I steal a glance at the clock. I soon push aside the serenity and beauty of the park and get myself into fast-forward mode again! There are countless small tragedies waiting to happen when you start getting ready. It could be the missing safety pins, the hiding scarves and stoles, the lost needle or the broken button. I can either decide to sew the button back on or abandon that shirt altogether and get another one. Life-changing decisions that need to be made within a split second.
Snap! That was my hair clip bidding me goodbye. Earrings, too, can play a villain's role in the morning drama. Most of the time it's the screw that thuds to the ground and disappears to be swallowed by the black hole.
Finally, I win all the battles and get ready to cross the final frontier. But, that's when the shoe gives way.
And so, I step out, in another pair of mismatched shoes, into the gentle morning sun. The streets are quiet, a soft breeze caresses me and I smile . it's a new day and a new beginning . a beautiful morning after all!
The writer is an educator based in Dubai

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