A perfect score

Among the many issues that have been highlighted in the FNC election for the 20 prestigious seats, the most heartening is the involvement of women in the process and their remarkable sense of awareness. This augurs well for the future and creates a vat of talent and expertise for the national well-being. Many of the female voters examined the candidates’ bona fides before casting the vote and were prepared to make a distinction between rosy promises and sincere and valid perceptions of the job at hand.

Another very positive sight was that of the older generation finding the exercise of franchise a matter of deep interest. For some, it was the first time ever and they took their responsibilities very seriously. Even those with physical challenges got into the mood and arrived at the polling booths ready to their bit.

Much truth lay in the words of one of the candidates who said that it did not matter if a person lost, the important thing was that everyone won because the election itself was a high watermark in process of governance.

The remark is pegged to the fact that over 450 candidates vying for the seats went out and touched the grassroots of their country and came to understand and appreciate their people and their customs with an intimacy that can only come about when one takes the campaign trail and listens to the voice of the people. Consequently, even for those who did not get elected it had been an awesome learning experience and they will all be the better for it. Not just that but they will generate a ripple effect that will touch many other young men and women and compel them to touch the grassroots and create awareness of the rich heritage of this region.

In a rather unusually enriching way the election process was also an event of great interest to the large expat segment of society and gave them a better understanding of their hosts and the values they inculcate. In that way it was an all-round education and the multi-national elements also came out wiser for it.

Indeed it can be said that the bridge between the people and their leaders has been further strengthened and this exercise in franchise has been a major success. Down the road it will be the foundation for an even wider participation.

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