KT edit: A bold and principled development strategy


This country is innovating, embracing new technology, investing in talent and reaching out to the world through trade and investment.

Published: Sun 5 Sep 2021, 9:47 PM

The UAE is on the fast track to growth post the pandemic and is keen to make the most of the Fourth Industrial Revolution. While pursuing the path to progress out of a crisis, it is also laying down the principles of justice, tolerance and good governance.

This country is innovating, embracing new technology, investing in talent and reaching out to the world through trade and investment. It is making work flexible as it quickly recovers from the global crisis. In fact, the crisis brought the best out of the country and its institutions. What has emerged is a resilient UAE that is unwavering in its commitment to its people. A savvy and wise leadership has made the difference and the UAE has grabbed the opportunity presented to it by an early recovery from the pandemic to pursue the path of development with a vigor not seen in any other parts of the world.

More importantly, it is united in its pursuit of peace and prosperity for all. At the core remains a culture of tolerance, which puts it on higher standing, an elevated status, where all are welcome to contribute for the greater good. The roll-out of the first of the 50 projects in the Year of the 50th shows the country will not rest on its laurels. There is much work to be done after a year lost to the coronavirus that has wreaked havoc across the world. Sunday’s announcements by the UAE’s ministers must be seen beyond the stimulus packages of the pandemic. This is about a larger vision for the country and how it views itself in a post-pandemic world. A proactive approach sets the UAE apart even as the world continues to grapple with a global health and economic crisis. Both industry and the community have been covered in the first tranche of reforms that include $5 billion to boost industrial growth.

And this is only the beginning with more projects in the works. For starters, 13 projects have been announced. More will be launched over the next three weeks. There’s a strong focus on technology and R&D, part of the UAE’s diversification strategy announced some years ago. These plans need entrepreneurs and innovators, and the UAE has launched green visas and also freelance visas for talented people and professionals to come live and work in the country. Diversity is what the UAE seeks in its workforce while also upskilling and backing Emirati talent to compete globally. A principled and bold approach to development is the strategy. With a leadership that is ahead of its times, the future is here in the UAE.

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