Watch: Massive shark stranded on a Florida beach rescued by beachgoers

The couple shared that the shark had 'about two-inch teeth on her'

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Published: Tue 19 Sep 2023, 12:40 PM

A massive shark was rescued by a group of people at a beach in Pensacola, Florida, after the creature washed ashore and was left stranded.

In the video, uploaded by one of the beachgoers, Tina Fey, on Facebook, a sizeable mako shark is seen lying on the beach as three men try to drag it holding its tail. However, the marine predator gets agitated in the process causing the men to step back.

Following this, one more man joins but the shark again tries to free itself making the rescue difficult. “Babe, it’s too dangerous, don’t be doing that,” the woman recording the video can be heard saying.

The creature is then finally dragged into the sea before it swims away.

According to Tina Fey, they contacted wildlife rescue and lifeguards seeking help for the shark but “was told there is nothing they could do”.

She clarified in the Facebook post, dated September 15, that the shark beached itself in front of them while they were swimming. “We took action to get him [the shark] back in the water since the wildlife people and lifeguards told us there was nothing they could do!! So we did our best to try to save the shark!!” she wrote.

Tina Fey and her husband, Josh, went to Gulf Breeze, Florida, to celebrate their anniversary when they spotted the 10-foot mako shark on Pensacola Beach, reported WKRG.

“We were sitting on the beach just having a good time and my buddy just said, ‘Look out in the water there, man.’ I see that fin and I was like, yeah, it was two or three sandbars away from us,” Josh Fey told the outlet.

“Eventually it just turned to the left and started coming directly beeline toward the shoreline, and I said, ‘That’s a big shark coming in.’ And we thought it was chasing some bait or whatnot, but it came all the way to the shoreline and beached itself,” he added.

The couple shared that the shark had “about two-inch teeth on her”. They said it was “thrashing all around” and they thought of releasing it back into the water.


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