Watch: Indian shopkeeper buys scooter worth Rs90,000, pays for it with sack full of coins

He saved up Rs1, Rs2, Rs5 and Rs10 coins for the last 5-6 years in order to buy his dream bike


Published: Wed 22 Mar 2023, 11:29 AM

A man from Assam, India has gone viral on social media after he bought a new scooter with savings in coins. Md Saidul Hoque, a small shopkeeper from Guwahati, had saved up years of hard-earned money in order to buy his dream scooter. He had been saving Rs1, Rs2, Rs5 and Rs10 coins for the last 5-6 years.

Hoque, a resident of the Boragaon area in Guwahati city, on Tuesday bought the scooter with coins that were carried to the showroom in a sack.

"I'm so glad after buying a scooter with coins I saved. I am running a small shop and it was my dream to buy a scooty. I started to collect coins 5-6 years ago. Finally, I fulfilled my dream. I am so happy now," Saidul Hoque said.

A video shared by news agency ANI shows Mr Hoque heading to a showroom with a sack full of coins to buy a scooter. A few employees of the showroom are later seen counting the coins worth Rs90,000 that have been stored in jars.

Manish Poddar, owner of the two-wheeler showroom, said, "When the customer came to our dealer to buy a scooty with his saved coins, I was so delighted."

"When my executive told me that, a customer had come to our showroom to buy a scooty with his saved coins, I was delighted, because I have seen such news on TV and read in the paper. I wish Saidul will buy a four-wheeler also in future. My executive told me that he had dreamed of buying a two-wheeler and had been collecting the coins over the last 5-6 years".

"He has come to our showroom with a sack of coins around Rs 90,000," the owner of the two-wheeler showroom added.


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