Watch: Homeless man celebrates his dogs' birthday in adorable viral video

The footage, filmed in Colombia, shows the person singing to his pets with a cake on the street

By Web Desk

Published: Mon 10 Jan 2022, 9:22 PM

An adorable new video showing a homeless man in Colombia celebrating his dogs' birthday has gone viral.

According to the user @roteloperiodismo, who first posted the video, the man is named 'Choco' and he lives in the Cabecera neighbourhood of the Santander region.

In the video, the man can be seen sitting on some stairs with his pets, both of whom are wearing party hats. He then pulls out a small birthday cake from a satchel, lights some candles, sings 'Happy Birthday' to his dogs and gives them both a kiss each. He is then seen serving his dogs a piece of the cake each before eating a slice himself.

The original video has received over 2,000 likes and 565,000 views.


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