Video: Meet boy who taught himself to read at 2 years old and can count to 100 in several languages

The four-year-old recently became a member of Mensa, Britain's society for high-IQ individuals

By Agencies

Published: Tue 24 Jan 2023, 4:15 PM

Teddy Hobbs has scored higher than 98 per cent of the general population in an IQ test — and he was only three then.

Now four years old, Teddy recently became the youngest member of Mensa, a British organisation for high-IQ individuals.

To say that Teddy is 'smart' would feel like an understatement. He taught himself to read at 26 months old and he can count to 100 in several languages, including Mandarin, his mother Beth told reporters.

Beth and her husband noticed the boy's interest in learning during the peak of Covid period.

"During lockdown, obviously, he watched a bit more telly than he would do normally, but he was asking to watch Alphablocks and Numberblocks instead," Beth told Reuters in an interview (scroll up).

"We were asking the questions (and tell him) 'that's interesting, but do you want to watch Teletubbies instead or do you want to watch more generic children's programming?' He was adamant he only wanted to watch the educational ones. And again, you're there as a parent. You there like, well, if you're asking for education, like, go for it. And then he suddenly started picking up on it," she added.


When he went back to nursery after the lockdown, his pre-school teacher did confirm that he can read.

In another instance, the boy was mumbling some sounds while playing on his tablet, and when she asked what he was saying, he told her: "Mummy, I'm counting in Mandarin."

Teddy is clearly a prodigy, yet Beth and her husband would still want him to have a fun, memorable childhood just like any other kid.

"He's starting to figure out that his friends can't read yet and he doesn't know why, but it's very important for us to keep him grounded," Beth told BBC. "If he can do these things, then fine, but he sees it like 'yes I can read, but my friend can run faster than me', so we've all got our individual talents."

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