Tailor Trump, henna artist Obama? Watch global celebrities prepare for Eid in artist reimagination

AI artist makes a compilation of images with noteworthy people celebrating the festival

By Web Desk

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Published: Sat 22 Apr 2023, 7:59 AM

Last updated: Sat 22 Apr 2023, 8:06 AM

Eid Al Fitr celebrations have now kicked off across the globe, with the world celebrating the religious festival.

Politicians and celebrities around the world have put out congratulatory and celebratory messages for worshippers. However, what if those celebrities were in fact celebrating the festival themselves?

UAE-based digital artist Jyo John Mulloor makes Dubai residents wish images can come to life. On Instagram, the artist has reimagined – using AI – what it would be like if Donald Trump was a tailor preparing for Eid, among other noteworthy celebrities.

In the video, a compilation of images runs over funky Indian music. The video features several celebrities, including, Barack Obama, Donald Trump, Kim Kardashian and even Bill Gates.

While most of them have been reimagined as tailors working ahead of Eid, Barack Obama has been painted as a henna artist. He is seen designing a table.

Shakira, Queen Elizabeth, Kanye West and Bill Gates also make an appearance in the iconic video.

Adorned in jewellery, Kim Kardashian is seen sorting between chains of gold, at the backdrop of a tailor's shop.

Using AI to put some of the world's most famous personalities in 'unusual scenarios' has become a trend — and the outputs have never failed to impress netizens.

Remember the collection of superheroes breaking their fast — where Spider-Man is seen wearing a thobe and Iron Man in a kurta?

All these images — which had gone viral — show how good AI is at helping artists create imaginary scenarios featuring 'real people'. While impressive, this technology has sparked some controversy, especially when one artist used it to 'imagine Trump arrested', with many falling for the fake photos.


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