Real-life Siri forced to change name as more iPhones bleep every time someone calls out to her

With the new iOS17, the artificial intelligence-powered assistant Siri can respond even if the phone is on standby — a feature that has created a nightmare for this woman


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Photo: Instagram (Siri Price)
Photo: Instagram (Siri Price)

Published: Wed 4 Oct 2023, 5:22 PM

Last updated: Thu 5 Oct 2023, 9:28 AM

When Apple introduced its AI-powered assistant Siri, personal trainer Siri Price's friends and colleagues avoided using 'Hey' when speaking to her — as 'Hey Siri' would instantly wake up any iPhone lying around.

The latest iOS 17 update, however, has become a serious problem for Siri. iPhone users now just have to say 'Siri' to activate the assistant.

"Now, people can’t even say my name. I’m absolutely fuming," the 26-year-old told UK paper The Sun.

For those using iOS 17, conversations with Siri (the AI assistant) are much easier and more conversational. It can also respond even if the phone is on standby mode.

While the updates are useful for many, it has become a nightmare for the real-life Siri, who lives in Edinburgh.

"My workmates had to sit down and think of a workaround because people’s phones have been going off non-stop," said Siri, as quoted in the report.

She and her beau are iPhone users, too. And since her boyfriend updated his iOS, his phone would be triggered whenever he spoke to her.

Siri now goes by the name 'Siz', hoping to resolve the issue.

The name Siri is of Scandinavian origin, which means 'beautiful victory'. For Apple, however, it's an acronym for 'Speech Interpretation and Recognition Interface'.

Siri could only hope the tech giant had chosen a different name. "There’s plenty of people called Siri and their lives have become just unbearable because of this," she said.

Women named Siri aren't the only ones suffering as more virtual assistants crop up. Amazon's aide, for example, has a more popular name — Alexa. Now, imagine what it's like for all the Alexas using the high-tech device.


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