New Emirates sealine, permanent distance learning: 8 UAE brands that are out to prank you this April Fool's Day

Have you fallen for any of these yet? Take a look to find out

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Meher Dhanjal

Published: Sat 1 Apr 2023, 12:18 PM

Last updated: Sat 1 Apr 2023, 7:39 PM

Every year on April 1, the world comes together to prank one another and have a good laugh.

Today, on April Fool's Day, popular UAE brands have once again come up with their own unique ways to prank residents. From launching new products to 'updating' old ones, we had a great time when we came across these clever pranks taking over social media.

Have you fallen for any of these yet? Take a look to find out:

1. Emirates announces new sealine

In a statement put out yesterday, the airline announced a new maritime arm called Emirates Sealine.

Taking to Instagram, the airline shared a post of the cruise sailing around Atlantis, the Palm. The witty statement had several hidden gems, including a quote from 'Captain Jack Shallow' in an amusing Pirates of the Caribbean reference.

The statement added that itineraries and bookings were to open on 'June 31', making it a dead giveaway.

Aside from that, the launch date of the cruise liner is set to be on April 1, 2024 – the next April Fool's Day making it another giveaway.

A section of the media fell for the prank – hook, line and sinker and has made amends this morning.

2. Heinz launches new Up and Down bottle

Can't get the last drop of ketchup out? Not to worry, Heinz has caught on.

The household ketchup brand truly understood what its consumers want by 'introducing a bottle with lids on either side'.

In an Instagram post, it said: "The new bottle features not just 1, but 2 lids that allow for easy squeezing no matter which way the bottle is placed. Place it up, place it down... your Ketchup will come out!"

Calling it the the Ketch-Up&Down, the post of the 'new launch' managed to fool many.

One said, "At last... No more banging the bottle on my palm!! Thank you for this, Heinz. This changes everything."

3. Elon Musk buys Lovin Dubai

In a cheeky post on Instagram, Lovin Dubai, a local media brand said that Elon Musk has now acquired it.

"Elon Musk can now add Middle-Eastern media buyer to his resume after it was revealed that the tech-preneur has paid $100 million to acquire an undisclosed stake in Lovin Dubai, a subsidiary of Augustus Media.⁠"

The carousel on Instagram not only included a picture of Elon Musk with a caption mentioning the 'buyout' but a ( not-so-well edited) newspaper clipping to lend credibility to the story.

Alongside which the account also posted several 'quotes', including one from 'Musk' and 'The New York Times'.

4. New leg-day slide for gym-goers

Any person who regularly works out knows the (literal) pain of doing a leg day. Walking is hard enough on those days, and a staircase could practically kill.

Striking a chord with gym-goers, Gymnation took to Instagram early today to 'announce' a new slide for leg day.

The brand put out a realistic video of a man carrying a gym bag and walking towards a staircase, only to press a button.

The staircase then magically opens to reveal a slide underneath. Claiming to take you from "top to bottom in just 5.6 seconds", the "world’s first slide developed using the #1 market leading LEGendary-gym technology!"

The slide is also supposed to offer gym-goers some relief as the "temperature regulated" slide is meant to "soothe your glutes".

Adding a hint of authenticity to the post the brand added terms and conditions saying that "Members are not permitted to climb the stairs again for another go".

One even played along and thanked the brand saying, "just came from the gym. Its amazing. Thanks @gymnation_me".

5. McDonald's makes McFlurry straw

Many of us have – on more than one occasion – accidentally used the McFlurry spoon as a straw.

The hole in the spoon has had a lot of us fooled for so long, that Mcdonald's seems to have given up.

The fast food chain took to Instagram to announce that they had (finally) made the McFlurry spoon a straw.

6. Baskin-Robbins gives a 'delicious' twist to flavours

Boasting 31 ice cream flavours, this brand just expanded its range with some 'delicious' new variants.

Who wants strawberry when they can have the all-new 'Sardine Surprise'? Or why not replace Mango with Toothpaste Tango? And for sushi lovers out there, what about Wasabi Blast? Garlic Glaze and Sour Cream and Onion Supreme were also thrown in — for that extra kick.

These 'exciting' new flavours are sure to become "your new favourites".

7. No discounts on Noon?

Most UAE residents' go-to app, Noon, also joined in on the fun. Never failing to make their users smile with their relatable and hilarious app alerts, their prank also did the same.

Clickbaiting users by alerting them that there would be "no discounts today", Noon almost got us, but in a quick turnaround said they were "just kidding".

8. KHDA announces permanent distance learning — on Saturdays

Here comes another one from Dubai's education regulator, which has also been known to send out pranks on this day of the year.

The Knowledge and Human Development Authority (KHDA) on Saturday tweeted an announcement saying that 'starting immediately', students will get one day of permanent distance learning — but on a Saturday, a weekend.

"Following requests from parents and students to have permanent distance learning one day a week, we're pleased to announce that starting immediately, distance learning will take place on Saturdays. Like right now," the KHDA wrote.

It added: "Your wellbeing is important to us" — which is definitely not part of the joke as the authority has always prioritised students' welfare.

Since 'permanent distance learning' could be possible in this day and age, KHDA made it a point to punctuate the post with a meme — so that no one would go asking their teachers for virtual classes on a Saturday.


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