Look: US couple celebrates birth of rare 'spontaneous triplets'

Haley went into labour unexpectedly at 31 weeks, leading to the premature birth of the babies


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Published: Wed 18 Oct 2023, 5:13 PM

A US couple was recently greeted with an extraordinary surprise—the arrival of "spontaneous triplets." Haley and Matthew Cordaro welcomed not one, not two, but three bundles of joy into their lives simultaneously, as per WKHS.

"Spontaneous triplets" refer to a rare occurrence where a woman conceives and carries three identical fetuses during a single pregnancy without the use of fertility treatments or assisted reproductive technologies. It is an unexpected and natural phenomenon in which three embryos implant in the uterus and develop simultaneously, resulting in a pregnancy with identical triplets.

Haley went into labour unexpectedly at 31 weeks, leading to the premature birth of their kids. All three infant girls weighed under three pounds (1.3kg), according to a Facebook post, and have been under hospital care since their early arrival.

The infants have been in the NICU at Willis-Knighton South since their birth, where they're looked after by Dr. Gerald Brent Whitton and the NICU team. Dr Whitton believes they may be able to go home next week. “They have done very well. It has been a straightforward and uncomplicated stay,” Dr Whitton told WKHS. “As we get closer to the babies’ release, we will get the parents up here and get them used to taking care of all three at the same time.” To be discharged from the NICU, the babies need to meet three criteria: their breathing problems must be resolved, they should be able to stay warm in a crib, and they need to consistently feed well.

The couple, who already have a 3-year-old daughter, told People Magazine, “We were so fortunate and blessed to have made it 32 weeks and to have delivered three healthy babies considering all the potential risks when pregnant with multiples. We know we will have some challenges ahead but are ecstatic for our new life with the girls."


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