Indian man converts car into helicopter, rents it for weddings

Mechanic spends half a million rupees to transform his car into chopper


A Staff Reporter

Published: Sat 19 Feb 2022, 5:01 PM

Last updated: Sun 20 Feb 2022, 9:00 AM

Hiring helicopters for a family wedding is a growing trend in India and many people across the country splurge even more than Rs100,000 for hiring a chopper for an hour. But what if you do not have that kind of money? Worry not: Guddu Sharma, has a better option. The mechanic from Bagaha in Bihar has spent about half a million rupees to convert his Nano car into a ‘helicopter.’


Though modified into a chopper, it cannot actually fly. But when you pay a mere Rs15,000 for the joy ride, why bother about it not being able to take off. At least that is what a score of people decided when booking his ‘chopper car,’ for weddings according to media reports.

“In this era of digital India, my innovation is an example of self-reliant India,” Guddu boasted to the media. The budding entrepreneur says there is good demand for his vehicle; the trend is also catching on and others too have started modifying their cars, converting them into ‘choppers.’

In August 2019, a resident in a Bihar town modified his Nano, a car that was being manufactured by the Tatas and which was discontinued in 2018. “I always wanted to make a helicopter,” Mithilesh Kumar, had told the media. “But since my background is not strong, I have modified my car and given it the helicopter look.”


Chopper rides for weddings are increasing across India. In Gujarat, for instance, many grooms land at their bride’s village in a chopper; some even throw currencies while landing, spending a few hundred-thousand rupees in cash.

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