India: Desperate wife seeks Assam CM's urgent intervention to save marriage amid allegations of husband's affair

The seasoned politician left his doors open for the common man to approach him, even with family matters

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By Web Desk

Published: Tue 6 Jun 2023, 4:18 PM

Last updated: Tue 6 Jun 2023, 4:27 PM

Himanta Biswa Sarma seems to have become the go-to man for every problem in Assam, the northeastern state in India. But Sarma is not just any other man. He is the incumbent chief minister of the state.

He is the man responsible for the BJP's meteoric rise not just in Assam, but in the entire northeast region where there were no traces of the right-wing national party until Himanta left Congress and joined them in 2015.

But even under Sharma's astute leadership, Assam is battling rising inflation and unemployment issues, just like any other state in the country. Sarma, though, is still riding the wave of mass support in the state.

No other chief minister in the state had warmed up to the public like Sarma, who is affectionately called 'mama' (uncle) by his people. Sarma has also been elevated to the role of a star campaigner by his party's high command in New Delhi.

It's a role that takes to him to states like Karnataka and Telangana where he joins the likes of Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Home Minister Amit Shah in BJP's election rallies.

But the seasoned politician has left his doors open in Assam for the common man who could approach him even for family matters.

Recently, a news clip has gone viral in Assam where a woman approaches the 54-year-old chief minister to save her marriage.

In a crowded place, the woman asked the CM for his immediate intervention as she alleged her husband was seeing another woman. Sarma patiently listened to the woman and asked her: "Okay, how do you know? Are you sure he is seeing one woman or more than one?"

The woman responded to his query before pleading with him to save her marriage for the sake of her young children.

Sarma immediately asked his PA to take the woman's details before assuring her of an investigation into the matter.

"I feel sad for our Chief Minister. Other than running our state, he also has to save our people's marriages," one man commented on the Facebook post of the Assamese news channel DY 365.

Another man commented: "Whatever it is, our Chief Minister is always ready to face all kinds of problems. Regardless of the result, he is always trying to solve them."

It seems Sarma will continue to engage the public in his inimitable style.


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