Forget flowers, Filipina bride carries 5kg onion bouquet down the aisle on wedding day

Another couple ordered several sacks of the prized vegetable, not for a dinner spread but as souvenirs for guests

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Photo credit: RR Production / Screengrab from Aldrik Gohel's video
Photo credit: RR Production / Screengrab from Aldrik Gohel's video

Published: Sat 28 Jan 2023, 7:21 PM

If you're attending a wedding in the Philippines, get ready to cry buckets of tears — onion tears, that is. Two couples have made their big day stand out by incorporating the humble vegetable into the celebrations.

One bride walked down the aisle holding a bouquet of onions, while another couple ordered several crates of onions as souvenirs for guests.

April Lyka Biorrey-Nobis, the 28-year-old bride from the province of Iloilo, said the idea came to her when she accidentally saw a bouquet made of onions and some flowers.

"I immediately contacted our coordinator who said that we can use the concept for our wedding," Nobis said in an interview with the Philippines' state news agency PNA.

For her, it wasn't only unique, it was also a practical choice. Flowers would eventually wither away and end up in the bin, she said, while onions could make it to their kitchen after the wedding.

Photo: RR Production
Photo: RR Production

These days, onions have become a prized commodity in the Philippines where they were sold for up to Dh40 per kg earlier this month. Prices are now going down as the governent has begun importing the vegetable.

The bride said she paid 8,000 pesos (Dh540) for one sack of onions — about 4 to 5kg went to her bouquet while the others were placed on the wreaths of her bridesmaids.

“After the wedding, the onions were given to our godparents and bridesmaids so they have with them onions for souvenirs. I also gave my bouquet to our relatives for their everyday use,” she added in the PNA report.

Couple Jayson and Lorellei also gave away onions as souvenirs for all their guests.

In a video that went viral, they are seen standing behind crates and baskets of red onions. A total of 150kg were given away during the event, according to local media outlets.

Here's a video posted by wedding coordinator Aldrik Gohel of Moments by Ruffa:


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