Dead woman suddenly wakes up on way to her funeral leaving family stunned

The 49-year-old was pronounced dead on June 29, prompting her family to arrange a casket and make other preparations

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Photo: Viral Press
Photo: Viral Press

Published: Sun 2 Jul 2023, 5:52 PM

In a shocking turn of events, a woman believed to be 'dead' stunned her family and relatives after suddenly waking up on the way to her funeral. Chataporn Sriphonla, aged 49, was thought to have died on June 29, prompting her family to make funeral arrangements in the Udon Thani province, Thailand.

Chataporn's mother said that her daughter had been receiving cancer treatment at the hospital, and the doctors had informed them that her chances of survival were slim. She wanted Chataporn to spend the final moments with the family, so she had arranged for her to be taken back home. The family was heartbroken when they were informed that she had passed away during the journey, report The Sun.

Following her 'death', Chataporn's family arranged a casket and made all necessary preparations, reports Ladbible. However, as they were en route to the facility where her body was to be stored, an unexpected event unfolded, leaving the passengers in shock. The woman presumed dead suddenly regained consciousness and began breathing.

The family rushed her to the hospital, where she currently remains under medical observation. While her relatives are understandably bewildered, they believe that Chataporn managed to hold on until she could see her children one last time before her potential demise.

This is not the first time a person presumed dead returned to life. In Ecuador recently, another woman, who had been pronounced dead by doctors, surprised her family when she woke up and began banging on the inside of her coffin. Bella Montoya, aged 76 and a retired nurse, was discovered alive after spending five hours at a funeral home on June 9.

Firefighters promptly transported her back to the same hospital where she had been declared deceased. Unfortunately, Ecuador's health ministry later confirmed that Bella had ultimately passed away due to an ischemic stroke after spending a week in intensive care.

Bella's son, Gilberto, expressed his frustration, sharing that he was not provided with any medical explanation as to why his mother regained consciousness hours after being declared dead. Her remains have now been returned to the funeral home, and she is scheduled to be laid to rest in a cemetery later this week.


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