Coleslaw popsicle, watermelon topped with 'ketchup': Food videos that went viral this week

One of them involves the use of fire in a dramatic presentation that surely makes for an unforgettable experience


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Published: Sat 8 Jul 2023, 2:12 PM

When it comes to creativity in terms of food, the Internet never disappoints. Every week, we come across a plethora of bizarre and unique dishes, which offer an interesting — and often unique — spin to traditional preparations or cooking methods.

Whether it is chocolate pani puri or sev puri dosa, there is no dearth of innovations people can concoct on the Internet.

This week, too, several food videos grabbed our attention and we have compiled some of the most viral ones.

When food meets fire

This video of a server — in an Iranian restaurant — wearing what appears to be a magical glove is going viral on the Internet. His risky antics with fire make for an interesting watch.

The server first sets his gloved hand on fire. Next, he drizzles some liquid onto a platter, following which he gracefully lends the flames from his glove to the smoke coming from the meal, creating a stream of fire that travels from his hand to the plate. The dramatic presentation surely makes for an unforgettable viewing experience.

Watermelon With tomato ketchup

A video of a street vendor in the Alameda night market of Los Angeles, US, selling generous slices of watermelon attracted a lot of attention.

But why, you ask? Well, the watermelon slices were topped with what appeared to be tomato ketchup and a spice mix. People were part-disappointed and part-furious.

It was later revealed that the red sauce wasn’t tomato ketchup, instead it was chamoy — a saucy condiment prepared with fruits, dried chilies, and lime juice.

Egg pani puri

The beloved pani puri has often been a victim of bizarre food trends. The latest version of this iconic street food from the Indian subcontinent to go viral is egg pani puri.

Ironically, this bizarre snack neither includes the puri nor the flavourful pani. The boiled eggs are loaded with a red sauce, some cream, grated cheese, a spice mix, and some coriander leaves.

Dal sushi rice

The fusion — of the ultimate comfort food of Indian cuisine and the iconic Japanese delicacy — has received mixed reviews from the Internet.

While many supported the fusion which merges the two food cultures, others struggled to digest the bizarre pairing.

Coleslaw popsicle

When a classic sandwich was transformed into a popsicle, Twitter called it an “abomination".

Images of coleslaw popsicles went viral on the Internet. Later, the user — who shared the image — clarified that it was created via AI.


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