UAE: Travellers can carry gifts worth Dh3,000 maximum

Dubai - Federal Customs Authority says passengers need to disclose currencies or precious metals valued over Dh60,000.


A Staff Reporter

Published: Tue 30 Mar 2021, 2:41 AM

Travellers entering the UAE can bring in gifts with a maximum value of Dh3,000, according to the Federal Customs Authority (FCA).

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It called on all travellers to and from UAE to strictly comply with customs procedures as prescribed by GCC unified customs law and relevant applicable laws in the country to ensure their safety, and a risk-free travel experience.

As part of its awareness campaign, videos in three languages — Arabic, English and Urdu — were released on its social media platforms and website to educate travellers on travel customs procedures, travellers’ rights and obligations as prescribed by GCC unified customs law.

The FCA reminded that permitted luggage includes movie projection devices, radio and CD players, digital cameras, TV and receiver (one of each), personal sports equipment, portable computers and printers, and medication for personal use, provided it complies with applicable regulations.

Importantly, the value of gifts that people can carry when entering the UAE should not exceed Dh3,000, and that cigarettes should not exceed the permissible limit of 200 cigarettes. Additionally, tobacco products and alcoholic drinks should not be carried by travellers aged below 18 years.

In regards to cash sums allowed in person, the Authority said all travellers coming to or departing from the country should disclose any currencies, negotiable instruments payable to bearer, and/or precious metals of stones valued more than Dh60,000.

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