Homeopathy: The art of creating stronger immunity in human body

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Dubai - On World Homeopathic Day, experts say how the treatment stimulates the immune system to enhance self-healing

By Team KT

Published: Sat 10 Apr 2021, 12:07 AM

The philosophy of stimulating the immune system to enhance self-healing is why millions of people vouch for homeopathy. On April 10 every year, practitioners mark the birth anniversary of Dr Samuel Hahnemann, founder of homeopathy, as the homeopathic day.

Homeopathic medicines are safe to use and will not hamper digestion nor cause any allergic reactions, and are safe to use in the long term. Homeopathy treats the disease at a deeper level so that it does not recur, says Dr Neetu Nicholas, who specialises in treating psoriasis with stunning success rates.

“Homeopathic medicines remain extremely successful in treating psoriasis by moderating the over-active immune system. Most psoriatic patients are looking for a more permanent and safe cure for their condition. We try to find a constitutional remedy to strengthen the patient. I suggest medicines to strengthen the immune system, improve digestion and absorption. This helps the patient to get vital nutrients.

“Homeopathy is also effective in treating even other skin conditions. It can get rid of warts, prevent new ones, and reduce the tendency to forming a new one. Likewise, it has proven effective in the treatment of acne,” added Dr Neetu.

The National Centre of Homeopathy says homeopathy is safe, effective, and natural without causing drowsiness and other adverse side effects. Homeopathic treatment for allergies is ideal because it acts as an immuno-regulator or immunomodulator, helping to revive the immune system.

“Population in the UAE is at high risk of respiratory illnesses and allergies such as seasonal rhinitis, asthma, bronchitis, and allergic cough. It is mainly due to environmental factors like extreme weather variation, dust, sand storms, and air pollution,” said Dr Sreelekha. L, a Dubai-based homeopath.

“A well selected constitutional homeopathic medicine helps to control and reduce the hypersensitivity nature of the immune system and helps the patient to get rid of his/her symptoms,” she added.

Homeopathy may be highly effective in treating infertility in women, according to homeopath Dr Alphonse. “In reproductive health, homeopathy medicines help balance the hormonal system and thereby increase the functional ability of the existing mechanism.”

“Homeopathy considers emotional and psychological aspects of a person, which play a role in metabolism and their disorders. Once these aspects of the individuals are addressed, physical conditions like weight gain and obesity are tackled easily,” said Dr Abdul Rasheed, a homeopath based in Al Ain.

Residents happy homeo meds available in UAE

In the UAE, homeopathy medicine approach gained popularity ever since the Ministry of Health and Prevention (Mohap) started regulating the system. A sizable population in the UAE depends on homeopathy for their needs with more than 200 qualified and licensed homeopaths catering to them.

Dubai resident John had Psoriasis for over 17 years when turned to homeopathic treatment. To his great surprise, the bumpy skin patches started to improve, and within a few months, his skin got completed healed. “I can sleep at night without any itching and feel more confident.” Another UAE resident, Mohammad said: “I have been suffering from eczema for four years, and after homeopathic treatment, my skin condition has greatly improved. I use to get a lot of mood swings, but the homeopath understood what I am going through, rightly identified my emotions, and prescribed medicines.”

Dubai resident Reeha (name changed) has been taking homeopathy medication for a decade now. “Ever since I consulted a homeopath, I’ve been mentally and psychologically happy and balanced personality,” she said.


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