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Vriddhi Kumthekar
Filed on August 23, 2021 | Last updated on August 23, 2021 at 06.39 pm

Damas Medical Clinic first opened its doors in 2007 as a clinic. It began as a tiny chamber, and then its expanded into other departments as well. Dr Hesham Nafei, Chairman, tells us more about Damas Medical Center and how it has benefited numerous clients in the UAE.

Dr. Nafei is an Egyptian dentist who further specialised in deontology. He has been working for about twenty years in this medical field, stating 'age is just a number'.

Inception of Damas Medical Center

It all started in 2007 in Sharjah with a single unit, and about a year and a half later, he employed personnel for dentists, orthodontists and oral surgeons to help in his operations. It began to develop, and because he was aware of the trending technologies, he extended several divisions and continued to focus on training and laser technologies, from one room to one floor to two floors, and it eventually became a five-story structure.

Inspiration leading to this profession

"All of my family members work in medicine, so I couldn't help but become engaged to prevent history from repeating itself," Dr. Hesham says. "My next-door neighbor, who was also a dentist, introduced me to his office, and that's how I was really motivated to start my own, which had a significant effect in motivating me to pursue dentistry as a career within the medical team," he adds.

From a small clinic to a big expansion

Damas Medical Center grew from tiny departments to providing new features and creating our own brand in the industry. "We intended to go beyond dentistry and offer our major services in cosmetology and gynecology for women. When consumers began to inquire about us, we wanted to grow and provide more to everyone in the UAE; we eventually intend to have branches in all seven emirates of the UAE," reveals Dr. Nafei.

Advanced technologies

Explaining about new technologies at the centre, Dr. Nafei maintains,

"At Damas, we try to employ the most powerful, newest, and sophisticated technology to provide the best for our clients while causing no adverse effects and being entirely safe.

"In the field of dental treatment, we are utilising the most recent glass ceramics (GC) technology for dentistry, which is extremely durable and provides a natural appearance to the teeth. For laser and dermatology area of treatment, we are focusing on the stem cells generation in which the stem cells enhance the cells to reproduce its collagen. They also reproduce their own cells, which enhance anti-ageing prospect, thus helping you look younger for a longer time. For laser treatment, our main idea was to implement self-confidence of women without the need of any kind of a surgery," according to Dr. Nafei.

Future plans

"From one level to the whole fifth storey of Damas, it truly motivates me to build more and more ideas for this empire that I have laid," Dr. Hesham adds. "Our next step would be to establish and provide our hi-tech and professional and affordable services in all the seven emirates of UAE."

Services offered

Damas offers various treatments in areas of Dentistry, cosmetology (Dermatology) - skin treatment, gynaecology, Laser and body sculpting.

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