UAE: Boy found guilty of fight over obituary WhatsApp message

REuters file photo
REuters file photo

Ras Al Khaimah - An eyewitness corroborated the turn of events.


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Published: Sun 28 Mar 2021, 4:52 PM

The Juvenile Misdemeanor Court in the Ras Al Khaimah (RAK) Courts has ordered a minor from an Arabian Gulf nation to be reprimanded and handed over to his guardian for his better upkeep.

The first defendant was found guilty of attacking another minor, who was let off due to lack of evidence.

Court records revealed that the two Arab minors were involved in a brawl over a social media platform following the death of their mutual friend.

The charge sheet showed that the second defendant was sitting with some friends at a restaurant in RAK, when the first defendant had a heated argument with him over the death of the mutual friend.

He asked the first defendant: “How dare you mock our late friend on WhatsApp?"

He was also allegedly physically assaulted.

"I only received a message on a social media platform about the death of a friend, which I denied. I never made fun of him or anyone. I only said that was not true, and our friend didn’t die," the second defendant said.

An eyewitness corroborated the turn of events.

"He denied insulting their late mutual friend whom he affirmed was one of his best buddies. He never insulted or made fun of him. However, he was attacked and assaulted by the second minor and one of his friends."

Another eyewitness also echoed the first eyewitness.

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