UAE: 10 men share Dh1 million jackpot at Mahzooz draw

Dubai - Winners matched five out of the six winning numbers and took home Dh100,000 each


Saman Haziq

Published: Thu 23 Sep 2021, 11:56 AM

The 43rd Mahzooz weekly live draw hit a new record as 10 lucky participants shared the Dh1 million second prize. The winners matched five out of the six winning numbers and took home Dh100,000 each.

For 45-year-old Indian expat Sulthan, the prize money came at a crucial time and saved his home from foreclosure.

“Mahzooz came as a ray of hope during a really dark time in my life: I almost lost my dream home as I couldn’t afford to pay its mortgage in India. Thankfully, luck knocked on my door at the right time and it is the best news for my family,” said Sulthan, who works as a storekeeper in Dubai.

Jabeer, 43, who works as a foreman in Dubai is yet another winner from India who got lucky last Saturday.

“I am still unable to believe that I won Dh100,000 overnight. I’ve always wanted to bring my family here so I can show them this beautiful country and spend quality time with them. I’v been missing them so much. I will use the prize money to bring my family on a visit to the UAE. They are so thrilled at the prospect of coming here and seeing this beautiful country which is my second home.”

Another winner at the draw was 53-year-old Hannibal, a Filipino expat who works in the ambulance service section in Abu Dhabi.

Excited at the win, he said: “As a father of four, I have a big responsibility - to provide a decent life for my family. I will invest my prize money to grant the best education for my children and to secure a better future for them. After all, they’re all I have.”

Ulysses, 58, a Filipino expat living in Saudi Arabia, chose his numbers combining the dates of his parents’ birthdays, their death anniversaries and their age at the time they died.

“When I chose my Mahzooz numbers for this week, I had a gut feeling that I would be a winner because those numbers are significant in my life. Now that I have won, I’ll cherish these numbers even more,” explained Ulysses, who works as a safety manager.

Abu Dhabi resident Nelson, 44, also a Filipino, who works as a maintenance supervisor said: “I have always dreamt of bringing my family here. Thanks to Mahzooz, I can now realise this longstanding dream and reunite with my family.”

Another winner who plans to use the prize money for the betterment of his children’s future, was Bahaa, a 36 Lebanese expatriate, who works as an estimation manager.

Feeling lucky, the Abu Dhabi resident said: “I have lived in the UAE for 10 years and the country has always brought me good fortune. I feel lucky and blessed. This money will help me secure a better education for my children.”

Hailing the draw, winner Vimesh, 38, an Indian expat living in Abu Dhabi, commended Mahzooz for its affordable structure. “Mahzooz is a draw that gives everyone the opportunity to change their lives for the better,” said Vimesh, who works as a salesperson in an electronics company.

Three more winners, two Filipinos and a Canadian also shared the Dh1 million second prize and took home Dh100,000 each.

Entrants can participate in Mahzooz by registering via and purchasing a bottle of water. Each bottle purchased (for Dh35) provides eligibility for one line in the draw and the donation is channelled through Mahzooz’s community partners to hydrate those in need.

The next draw will be held as scheduled on Saturday, September 25, at 9pm UAE time.

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