Video: New smart system is helping reduce tailgaters on Abu Dhabi roads

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Abu Dhabi - Some motorists, who claimed to have often been flashed by tailgaters to give them the way especially on highways.


Ismail Sebugwaawo

Published: Wed 15 Jan 2020, 8:00 PM

Last updated: Wed 15 Jan 2020, 10:23 PM

A new smart system and fixed radars to catch tailgaters became operational in Abu Dhabi on Wednesday. The automated control of motorists who fail to leave sufficient distance between vehicles will help in road safety and to reduce accidents, the Abu Dhabi Police had earlier said.

On Day One of its implementation, it was apparent that the habitual tailgaters were learning to abide by the law lest their violation is automatically detected. 
Some motorists, who claimed to have often been flashed by tailgaters to give them the way especially on highways, said they had not been tailgated even once on the first day and that most drivers showed discipline on the roads.
"I always drive to Al Ain during morning hours and I am often flashed by drivers. But today, I was surprised that no motorist had tailgated me despite driving on the fast lane," said Ronald Wafula, a Kenyan expat.
Another driver, Mohammed Atq, 32, said he didn't witness tailgaters on his way from Abu Dhabi to Dubai on Wednesday.
"I often come across those crazy ones tailgating others. But today, I haven't seen any. It seems many motorists were now adhering to the law, thanks to the new smart system. They fear being fined," said Atiq, an Indian expat in Abu Dhabi. 
Haitham Ali, a Tunisian taxi driver, said tailgaters have been a menace, especially on the highways, "but the new smart system that detects such practice would help turn them into disciplined drivers".
"I have been on the roads since morning, but I didn't encounter any tailgaters. The smart system seems to have done the trick as such drivers are afraid that they will have to pay a huge price if they breach the rule."   
Police said a text message will be sent out to tailgaters, warning them that they had been caught committing the dangerous traffic violation. They will be told that if they repeat the offence, they will be fined. The police said the penalty for tailgating is Dh400 and four black points.
Brigadier Mohammed Dhahi Al Humairi, director of traffic and patrols directorate at the police's central operations sector, said last week that the force will launch an awareness and traffic control campaign, that includes sending messages to a large segment of drivers in five languages,? through mainstream media and the police's social media accounts. The aim of these campaign is to educate them about the dire consequences of failure to comply with traffic laws and regulations, especially the fallout of not leaving sufficient safety distance between vehicles.

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