Revealed: Dubai's population and how it grew amid Covid

Dubai - Though the population, the growth rate slowed due to the impact of Covid-19 on the UAE’s job market.

By Waheed Abbas

Published: Mon 15 Mar 2021, 11:02 AM

Dubai’s population grew by 55,300, or 1.63 per cent, to 3.41 million (m) in 2020, according to Dubai Statistics Centre’s latest data.

Though the population of the emirate grew, the growth rate slowed due to the impact of Covid-19 pandemic on the UAE’s job market.

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However, the population of Dubai reached 4.42m, as over 1m people visited it from the other emirates in the UAE.

The report gives estimation about the size of the emirate’s population during peak hours of a day.

Male population makes up 49.6 per cent, while the female workforce accounts for 50.4 per cent of the total headcount. The gender ratio is 99 males per 100 females.

But when it comes to the population which is permanently domiciled in the emirate, the male headcount is significantly higher than the female because of the higher percentage of males living and working in the emirate without their families.

There are around 225 males per 100 females. The male and female population is 2.36m and 1.04m, respectively, the data showed.

According to the Dubai 2040 Plan, the emirate’s population has multiplied 80 times between 1960 and 2020. It has increased from 40,000 to 3.3m in the past 60 years.

Dubai's cultural diversity includes people from over 200 nationalities.

According to recent studies, the number of Dubai residents is expected to increase from 3.3m in 2020 to 5.8m by 2040, while the day-time population is set to increase from 4.5m in 2020 to 7.8m in 2040.

Photo: Wam/file
Photo: Wam/file

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