Photos: Woman lands in UAE 'by mistake', police help her fly back home

Ajman - The woman and her family expressed their sincere thanks and gratitude to the Ajman Police.


Afkar Ali Ahmed

Published: Mon 23 Nov 2020, 12:00 PM

Last updated: Mon 23 Nov 2020, 2:01 PM

The Ajman Police took care of an 68-year-old Arab woman for four days and arranged for her return to her home country after it was found that she had landed in the UAE by mistake.

Police probe indicated that an agent in her country had defrauded the woman, making her travel to the UAE to meet her expat son, who was actually living in a neighbouring Arab country.

Lieutenant Colonel Yahya Khalaf Al-Matroushi, head of Al-Hamidiyah Comprehensive Police Station, said that the woman came to the police station and narrated her plight, while lodging a complaint. The police personnel secured a suitable stay for her, provided all facilities to her and looked after her needs until the investigation into her complaint was over.

After the cops communicated with one of her sons in her home country, it became clear that the woman intended to travel to a neighbouring country to meet her another son. She had contacted a tourism office and asked them to obtain a visa and an air ticket.

When the woman arrived at an airport in the UAE, she tried to communicate with her son but in vain. On enquiring from people, she was shocked to know that she was in a country other than her intended destination. She headed to the Al Ahamadiyah Comprehensive Police Station and sought help from cops.

The police officers immediately started the procedure for her return to her country. It took four days to complete the travel procedures. The cops drove her to the airport and ensured she reached her country safely and was reunited with her family.

The woman and her family expressed their sincere thanks and gratitude to the Ajman Police and lavished praise on them for their exceptional gesture.

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