Six-day-long holiday coming up in UAE

Dubai - There are four more long breaks to look forward to this year.

By Web Report

Published: Mon 17 May 2021, 2:46 AM

UAE residents can look forward to four more long weekends in 2021.

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According to the official list of holidays approved by the UAE Cabinet for the public and private sectors for 2021-2022, the breaks will range from three to six days.

- Arafah Day is expected to be on July 19 (Zul Hijjah 9).

- Eid Al Adha: The next break coming up in 2021, the Eid Al Adha holiday will likely be from (Zul Hijjah 10 to 12) Tuesday, July 20 to Thursday, July 22, followed by a two-day weekend. (dates are subject to moon sighting)

- Hijri New Year: Starting on the eve of the Islamic New Year, the three-day weekend will begin on Thursday, August 12.

Full list of UAE holidays in 2021

- Birthday of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH): The three-day runs from Thursday, October 21 to Saturday, October 23.

- Commemoration Day & UAE National Day: The last of the year, this break will run for four days from Wednesday, December 1 to Saturday, December 4.

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