Fujairah women's salon owner on trial in CCTV camera row

Fujairah womens salon owner on trial in CCTV camera row

Fujairah - Public Prosecution accuses salon of breaching the privacy of customers.

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Published: Wed 21 Mar 2018, 6:01 PM

Last updated: Wed 21 Mar 2018, 8:33 PM

A women's beauty parlour in Fujairah has been charged with violating the privacy of its customers by installing surveillance cameras inside the premises.
According to reports on social media, the salon owner in under trial at Fujairah Criminal Court for violating privacy laws.

The Public Prosecution has accused the salon of breaching the privacy of customers after the municipality discovered the cameras in a routine inspection, as per Araa News report.
An investigation was conducted after which they submitted the case to the court.  
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The defendant's lawyer stated that the cameras were installed in the reception hall and outside the shop. No cameras were placed in the salon's private booths.

In addition, no one had complained of a breach of privacy.
The lawyer demanded the release of the detained shop owner.
The hearing has been adjourned.
Earlier in 2015, a case was filed in Dubai where a salon owner, who allegedly fixed surveillance cameras in his shop that was frequented by women for Moroccan bath, was charged in the Court of First Instance with breaching a woman's privacy.

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