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UAE: Dh2,000 fine, 12 black points for driving a noisy car

Abu Dhabi - Police warn motorists against creating a ruckus as they drive.

Image: Abu Dhabi Police/Twitter
Image: Abu Dhabi Police/Twitter

By Web Report

Published: Wed 20 Jan 2021, 4:43 PM

Last updated: Wed 20 Jan 2021, 4:50 PM

Driving a noisy vehicle in the UAE is punishable with a Dh2,000 fine and 12 black traffic points. The Abu Dhabi Police have posted a reminder on social media, asking motorists to ensure that their vehicles are not noisy.

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The police said some drivers, especially the young ones, create a ruckus while driving. This causes panic and stress among other drivers and pedestrians, particularly the elderly and children.

The police urged residents to dial 999 immediately if they spot someone driving in this manner.

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