Dubai: 6-year-old Indian girl creates world record by reciting 10 longest English words

Praanvi Gupta displays awesome word power and enters the International Book of Records

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Saman Haziq

Published: Mon 9 Aug 2021, 2:12 PM

Last updated: Thu 8 Dec 2022, 10:40 AM

A six-year-old Dubai pupil has not only made her parents and school proud but also her country India because of her amazing word power.

Praanvi Gupta, an Indian national, has become the youngest in the world to recite 10 longest English words, along with their spellings. She has bagged the title "Fastest to recite 10 longest English words and their spellings by a kid" and has entered the International Book of Records. She recited the 10 words with their spellings, including the longest word in English language, comprising 45 alphabets, in just 81 seconds.

Gupta has spelt and pronounced pneumonoultramicroscopicsilicovolcanoconiosis, which is, incidentally, the longest word in the English dictionary.

The word means a type of lung disease.

Some of the other mind-boggling words that even adults would falter at pronouncing, but the tiny tot pronounced and spelt effortlessly include Hippopotomonstrosesquippedaliophobia and supercalifragilisticexpialidocious.

Gupta, a pupil of Gems Modern Academy in Dubai, however, is no stranger to record books. Last year, she entered the Asia Book of records and also in the India Book of records for being the fastest to recite 195 countries with their capitals in only four minutes and 23 seconds.

Her father, Pramod Gupta, told Khaleej Times that she has been an avid reader and built her own library at home. "So far, she has read over 300 books, Her Lexile score is quite good as per her age, and nowadays she can finish reading up to 200 pages of a book in a day. She likes to read different genres and is fond of writing as well," he added.

Her father said she has her own YouTube channel called Learn with Praanvi, where she engages with the viewers about a raft of activities such as solving a complex puzzle, doing yoga postures, and posting easy drawing videos to inspire her peers.

Her mother gave her the challenge to learn the 10 longest English words. "We're so happy to see how our little one readily took up the challenge and managed to recite them correctly along with their spellings. This is mainly due to her love for exploring new words and their meanings," her father said.

Gupta's parents decided to convert their daughter's passion into an achievement that would encourage her further to learn and inspire others in innovative ways. "This is when we started focusing on helping her recite the words with speed and accuracy and dedicated at least an hour every day to hone her skills," he added.

She started her practice in June and learnt all the 10 longest words within a week, her father said.

"However, the challenging part was to get her to do "fastest" and that took some more time as she is too young. However, we're amazed to see her passion to get it right and do it perfectly. This is what helped her achieve this feat and we're so proud of her," he added.

The proud father urged parents to showcase their children's myriad talents. "Every child is different and has great potential even when they are toddlers. We need to have a tailored approach towards exploring their interests to ensure that they can excel in whatever they pursue," he added.

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