Three Emirati drug addicts surrender to RAK Police

Three Emirati drug addicts surrender to RAK Police
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Ras Al Khaimah - The three addicts willingly surrendered themselves to the RAK police for help to give up drug abuse.

"We are here to seek help for giving up drug addiction." With these words, three narcotics abusers, all Emiratis, have handed themselves over to the anti-narcotics department of the Ras Al Khaimah police on Saturday.
The trio was attending an enlightening presentation by the RAK police on a mock detention of a drug dealer while selling narcotics to an addict as part of the annual Awafi festival.
Col Adnan Ali Al Zaabi, director of the anti-narcotics department, RAK Police, said they are so keen to participate in such events and activities that attract big numbers of the public from different nationalities.
"Our message is well received by a wide range of people in these gatherings where we better develop public awareness against the hazards of narcotics and the best way to give up these 'poisons'."
More attention has been given to the latest amendment introduced to Article No (43) of the Federal Law (8) of the year (2016), he added. "As per the amendment, no lawsuit will be filed against any drug abusers in case he surrenders himself to the police, or informed about by up to a second degree relative."
The drug abuser shall then be admitted to the rehabilitation centre to receive the right treatment, Col Zaabi said. "The addict shall then be dismissed upon full treatment and rehabilitation."
To the public surprise, three addicts willingly surrendered themselves to the RAK police for help to give up drug abuse. "The trio was given a big applause for their courage and true will to stop consuming narcotics."
Urging, Col Zaabi said all parents have to show cooperation and firstly keep an eye on their children, and secondly report them to the police for assistance. "Drug dealers are mainly targeting the youth of the nation."
Speaking to Khaleej Times, Legal Adviser Mohammed Fawzi said a jail term of four years shall be imposed on anyone involved in doing drugs. "Seven to ten years shall be issued against whoever convicted of smuggling drugs into the country, as per the punitive law here," he warned. "The accused shall also be ordered to pay a fine of Dh50,000 to Dh200,000, as deemed fit by the court."
Roua Abd Elalim, a pharmacist, told Khaleej Times that drug abuse is associated with serious health conditions, spanning fatal overdose, spontaneous abortion. "It also leads to infectious diseases, like AIDS and hepatitis."

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