Mother, daughter jailed for torturing maid to death in UAE

Mother, daughter jailed for torturing maid to death in UAE

Sharjah - The family had hired eight maids in two years - most of whom had fled.


Amira Agarib

Published: Sat 3 Feb 2018, 2:44 PM

The  Kalba Criminal Court has sentenced a Gulf (GCC) mother and her daughter to one year and a half in jail, followed by deporation for torturing their maid to death. The husband, who was the maid's sponsor, was fined Dh3,000.
The case was handled by the criminal court of Kalba for more than a year and a half until the ruling was issued by Judge Dr. Omar Al-Ghoul and the membership of the counselors Samir al-Mulla and Musa Al-Badarna.
The family of the victim had pardoned the mother and accepted the blood money.
The details of the case came to light when the police operations room in Kalba received a report from the GCC national stating that there was a woman patient in his home in Kalba city and that he needed an ambulance to take her to the hospital.
By the time the police ambulance arrived, the woman had passed away.
On arriving at the crime scene, a police team and a forensic doctor found out that the deceased was a maid.
"The forensic expert decided to transfer the body to forensic medicine for autopsy after examining the body to determine the cause of death," the police said.
A number of injuries were found on different parts of her body, raising suspicions of a criminal motive behind her death.
The maid's sponsor denied any knowledge of the injuries on the deceased's body and instead directed the police team to his wife, saying that she knew everything they needed to know about the maid.
The wife denied knowledge of the maid's death and claimed that the latter was acting strangely lately.
The wife's story matched her daughter and son's testimonies, but the investigators' suspicion led them to gather more information about the family and the circumstances surrounding the work of their domestic help.
During the gathering of information, it was found that the deceased maid was the eighth maid the family had hired in the last two years.
A number of them had fled the house, indicating ongoing abuse of maids in the house.
Investigations also revealed that the deceased maid had already fled to a nearby family.
The investigating team said that based on their findings, they decided to re-investigate the family members, after which the mother confessed to beating the maid with her daughter.
During questioning, the daughter admitted to beating and torturing the maid with her mother.
Based on their confessions, the mother and daughter were arrested for murdering the maid, while the husband was arrested on charges of obstructing justice and covering up the crime.

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