UAE: Two youngsters get life in prison for drug dealing

Abu Dhabi - The court also gave them another two years in jail for consuming narcotics.


Ismail Sebugwaawo

Published: Mon 26 Apr 2021, 9:04 AM

Last updated: Mon 26 Apr 2021, 9:07 AM

Two young men, who were caught selling hashish worth Dh1,000 to an undercover police officer in Abu Dhabi, will spend the rest of their lives in jail.

The Abu Dhabi Criminal Court of First Instance handed down the life in jail sentence to the men after they were found guilty of possessing and dealing drugs.

The court also gave the Asian men another two years in jail for consuming narcotics. One of the men will be jailed for another month for driving under the influence of drugs.

Official court documents stated that police had been notified about the pair who possessed drugs and were promoting the narcotics among youths in the country.

A police undercover agent who posed as a buyer contacted one of the men and told him he wanted some hashish.

They agreed to meet in front of one of the restaurants in the outskirts of the city where the defendant brought hashish worth Dh1,000 to the undercover police officer. The main defendant, who came driving a car, was being accompanied by his accomplice -- the second defendant.

The police officers who were waiting and watching, arrested the men after the main dealer handed over the drugs to the undercover police officer in exchange for cash. The cops had also photographed the men when they delivered the drugs to the police agent.

The police also seized the drugs from the defendants’ car. The men’s urine samples also tested positive for drugs.

During interrogation by prosecutors, the first defendant admitted to possessing and dealing drugs while the second defendant denied the charge of trafficking drugs. He said he was only accompanying the first defendant because he had come to consume drugs with him but was not a drug dealer.

The prosecutors had charged the men with possessing, dealing, and consuming drugs and demanded the court to give them harsh punishments if found guilty of the charges. The court had issued the ruling and sentenced the pair after hearing from all parties.

The men will be deported after serving their sentences.


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