UAE: Police issue warning against leaving valuables in cars

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Sharjah - Leaving valuable items behind in parked cars is an open invitation for thieves, police warned residents.

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Published: Thu 10 Jun 2021, 8:20 PM

Lieutenant-Colonel Mohammed bin Haider, Acting Head of the Al Buhaira Police Station said leaving valuable items in cars encourages criminals to break the car glass window to steal the item. Most cases of car theft showed that the crime occurred because of the car owners’ negligence. “Usually, they break the triangular glass on a car window to open doors of a vehicle and steal whatever valuables they can lay their hands on. At times, cars are left unlocked by owners near supermarkets, bakeries, houses, public facilities, or isolated areas. Such negligence provides a windfall opportunity to thieves,” he said.

Bin Haider warned the public against negligence. “Motorists should take necessary preventive measures by ensuring that the doors and windows of their cars are closed, and vehicles’ engines are not running. To prevent thefts, valuables and cash should be kept in safe places and a vehicle should be parked safely, especially when its owner is out of the country for long,” he said.

He said the Sharjah Police have intensified patrolling to keep a check on theft of items from cars parked in residential and industrial areas of the city, since such crimes usually increase during the summer.

Speaking about the programme ‘Aman, My Country’, Bin Haider said vehicle theft can be classified into three types – the theft of valuables and belongings from inside vehicles; the theft of car parts; and the theft of vehicles themselves.

He urged the public to call on 999, 901, or toll-free number (Najeed) 800151 to report any crime or abnormal or suspicious behaviour.

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