Revealed: UAE's best drivers of 2020, Pakistanis top

Dubai - Yallacompare study declares data based on customer nationality.

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By Waheed Abbas

Published: Mon 22 Feb 2021, 9:41 AM

Last updated: Mon 22 Feb 2021, 10:38 AM

The UAE roads became safer in 2020 and Pakistani drivers were declared to have been involved in the least number of accidents, revealed the findings of Yallacompare’s insurance comparison platform.

Examining the data by customer nationality revealed that Pakistani drivers were found to be the best drivers with just 2.5 per cent of them having made a claim in the past 12 months.

This was way ahead of the second-placed country – 3.2 per cent of customers made claims in the last 12 months. Second, third, fourth and fifth places were taken by Lebanese, Filipinos, Syrians, and Jordanians respectively.

“It’s interesting to discover that according to our user-declared data, Pakistani drivers were the best in the UAE in 2020, from the point of view of making insurance claims,” said Jonathan Rawling, CFO, Yallacompare.

In 2020, only 3.8 per cent of Yallacompare customers declared that they had made a claim on their car insurance in the last 12 months compared to eight per cent in 2019.

"The most important thing for insurance buyers to understand, however, is that it is essential to ensure that anything you declare to an insurance company or broker is true. If any statements are later found to be false, any claim could be reduced or denied. Never attempt to save money by making incorrect statements," Rawling explained.

The reduction in the number of claims can be attributed to less number of people driving last year due to the lockdown and work from home policy by the public and private sectors.

“While it would be fantastic news to suggest the lower claim figure is down to a remarkable increase in safer driving, it’s pretty safe to say the lower number of claims is more likely to be attributable to less travel and lower car usage due to the virus lockdown, curfews imposed and working from home,” he said.

This data, as declared by customers while buying their insurance, is used by insurers to calculate the price of a premium.

Customers may get discounts of up to 30 per cent depending on their claims history.

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