Studies show New Year resolutions always fail, UAE residents say ‘not in 2021’

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Dubai - Not only do UAE residents vow to keep the resolutions this year — there has also been a shift in mindset.

By Team KT

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Published: Fri 1 Jan 2021, 8:52 PM

Last updated: Tue 5 Jan 2021, 2:47 PM

The new year is here, you know the drill. List down all your resolutions — everything you wish to do better in the coming year — and then forget all about them in 30 days, a trend backed by statistics. One report went as far as saying ‘virtually every study says 80 per cent of New Year’s resolutions are abandoned around February’. However, there’s a big but. This time, people are emerging from a whirlwind that was the Covid year, where big lessons were unravelled and most had come to life-changing realisations.

Not only do UAE residents vow to keep the resolutions this year — there has also been a shift in mindset. Many of those Khaleej Times reached out to said they had given up lofty, unattainable goals. Instead, they are putting their hearts into things that matter: Wellbeing and gratitude.

Fitness-related resolutions remain common. This year, however, people are more motivated to get in shape not to look good but to stay healthy — so healthy that Covid won’t stand a chance.

Abu Dhabi resident Thomas Berkman, who has been working remotely since March, said spending more time at home prompts one to watch his health closely, especially amid Covid-19.

“So, as a family, we have decided to focus more on exercise this year. I would recommend others to become health conscious. This will help keep lifestyle diseases at bay. I hope for a return to normalcy in the coming months,” said Berkman.

Aspiring entrepreneur Nomita Kakkar agreed that 2020 was a difficult year that brought several life lessons so she is committed to applying them all this year.

“The last few months of the year strengthened my ties with friends and family, albeit through online means. Besides, I also got to hone my cookery skills to supplement the family income. Thankfully, there were no financial hassles at our home front but looking at the uncertainties around, I decided to explore the entrepreneurial way. This year, I hope to see a corona-free world and wish good health and more freedom for all. I also look forward to opening my business serving delicacies from India,” Kakkar said.

Engi Ahmed, an acquisition executive, vowed to do whatever it takes to grow her enterprise. “I hope my company will be ranked first internationally in its field.”

For Ibrahim Adel, a safety and security officer, managing finances better is one of the priorities. “In 2021, I have many dreams, like travelling to the US and saving some money. I also hope I can meet my family again soon, and share a meal together.”

Esraa Arafa, hairdresser and makeup artist, is also looking at improving cashflow. “I hope I can save more money in 2021 because 2020 wasn’t so generous with us.”

Most common New Year’s resolutions

>Exercise more.

>Lose weight

>Get organised

>Learn a new skill or hobby

>Live life to the fullest

>Save more money / spend less money

>Quit smoking

>Spend more time with family and friends

How to keep them

>Keep a diary of your resolutions.

>Make your resolutions with someone else.

>Rank your resolutions from most to least important.

>Ask your friends what their resolutions were last year.

>Don’t beat yourself up. Perfection takes time.

>Ask for support

>Make time for mental health breaks

(With inputs from Ashwani Kumar, Suneeti Ahuja, Hesham Saleh, and Dhanusha Gokulan)

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