Martyrs are a beacon for generations: Khalifa

Martyrs are a beacon for generations: Khalifa

Abu Dhabi - He said the nation will never forget those who offered their blood and lives in defence of the nation.


Published: Wed 30 Nov 2016, 6:12 PM

The contributions of the nation's martyrs will remain in the memory of generations, and they will be immortal in the minds of the UAE people, the President, His Highness Shaikh Khalifa bin Zayed Al Nahyan, has said.
In a statement released on the occasion of the second Commemoration Day, today, Shaikh Khalifa said: "We, in our unified house, are capable of preserving and protecting the nation, which our forefathers founded on the values of charity, generosity, advocating for what is right, and standing with the oppressed.
"Our martyrs will also remain the source of dignity, glory and a beacon for generations, and their families and children will receive from us, and from the state and community, full care and attention.
"On this glorious day, we treasure the values of sacrifice and love for the nation and we highly honour and pay profound gratitude and reverence to the heroes of national duty who wrote with their pure blood the epic of dignity and glory. We pray to Almighty Allah to shower mercy on their souls and extend deep thanks to their families."
He said the nation will never forget those who offered their blood and lives in defence of the nation.
He said the UAE is capable of preserving and protecting the state. "The sacrifices of our martyrs will further solidify our will, determination, strength, cohesion and solidarity.
"On this day, we salute our proud people, our soldiers, officers and commanders of the UAE Armed Forces, who are stationed in the battlefields of honour and dignity in defence of the nation and state and for raising its national flag high.
"We also salute Emirati men and women who are working in the fields of charity and security, performing their civilian and humanitarian duty inside and outside the UAE," he added.
Our heroes' sacrifices will be in our hearts: Mohammed
Emirati martyrs are the bearers of the principles of virtue and dignity, who have pledged their lives defending the rights of their homeland and nation, His Highness Shaikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice-President and Prime Minister of the UAE and Ruler of Dubai, has said.
In a statement to Dira'a Al Watan (Nation Shield) magazine Shaikh Mohammed said: "Today, we gather as leaders and people of the nation to salute our heroes, to honour their memory, and to also remind everyone that their sacrifices will forever be remembered in our hearts and minds.
"Our martyrs' loved ones are just as precious to us as our own, and their noble goals, for which they have sacrificed their lives, will be held as a badge of honour.
"We all stand today, on this occasion, in reverence of those who have pledged their lives in support of the homeland and the nation.
"We, today, also greet and express appreciation, pride and gratitude to our valiant security and relief forces, and civil protection personnel, for all their efforts and vigilance in ensuring the security of the citizens, residents and visitors of this country."
He said the UAE will rally around the families of the martyrs, embracing their sons and daughters, and comforting their parents and spouses. "We reiterate our promise to continue caring for them, and ensuring their comfort. We further ask God Almighty to compensate them for their loss and for their unlimited patience.
"Today, we fondly and proudly remember our people's honour to their nation's martyrs and their families, a very powerful depiction of the strength of this nation and its national identity, as well as its unity and solidarity against adversity."
"I would like to also express my appreciation to the father of the martyrs, my brother, Shaikh Khalifa, for his continued efforts and his support to our martyrs," he added.
No service too great: Mohammed bin Zayed
The UAE has forged its way into existence through meticulous planning, hard work and unceasing sacrifices, His Highness Shaikh Mohammed bin Zayed Al Nahyan, Crown Prince of Abu Dhabi and Deputy Supreme Commander of the UAE Armed Forces, has said.
Commemoration Day is a gesture of respect and appreciation for the families of the martyrs, and an expression of commitment that the UAE stands by its people at all costs, he added.
In a speech to Dira'a Al Watan (Nation Shield) magazine, Shaikh Mohammed bin Zayed said observing the day is a reflection of leadership's appreciation of the sacrifices made by martyrs.
"Every year on, November 30, the people of the UAE solemnly observe Commemoration Day. As we remember our martyrs today, we are reminded that as a nation we are united by our abiding love of our motherland as much as by our absolute commitment to our values of peace and tolerance. As we remember those who gave up their lives for the sake of our nation, we are also reminded that no sacrifice is too great and no price is too high in the service of our motherland.
"Let us seize this moment to celebrate the glory of our martyrs. They died believing in the values that were instilled in all of us by our founding father, Shaikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan.
"I want to make it clearer than ever that we do not forget the sacrifices of our martyrs and this day will be commemorated in the UAE every single year

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