Wareed links 14 hospitals, 25 clinics across the country

MoH has linked 14 hospitals and 25 clinics across the country through Wareed, a system that helps avoid duplication and increases patient safety.

By Staff Reporter

Published: Mon 27 Jan 2014, 12:33 AM

Last updated: Tue 7 Apr 2015, 8:56 PM

Wareed, an electronic healthcare information system (HIS), is a technological platform that virtually links all the ministry healthcare facilities in Dubai and the Northern Emirates by automating all healthcare processes across various departments.

“Improving our healthcare services has always been a top priority for the local government and the launch of Wareed in October 2008 enhanced the quality of healthcare services by providing physicians and medical personnel a quick access to patient’s medical history and critical information through a centralised platform,” said Mohamed AlDoy, Wareed Project Manager at the ministry.

The average number of registrations and appointments done through the system is over 4,900 per day. The daily average number of medical orders is over 28,000, laboratory orders over 9,500 and pharmacy orders close to 40,000.

Every month the embedded decision support system generates over 200,000 real time alerts, offering help to the clinical staff of which 75 per cent have a direct impact on increasing patient safety, and the average number of unique diagnoses for patients entered in the system is over 87,000.

This means that of the 1.9 million orders in December 2013 there was significantly less duplication, and better dispensing of medicines which all adds up to significant improvements in patient safety and in the cost and time spent to deliver world class standards of health care, said AlDoy.

Wareed provides a ‘one patient, one record’ system called Community Medical Record Number (CMRN) which can be viewed in any MoH facilities. This eliminates duplication and reduces registration times, medication errors, adverse drug reactions and the length of every patient’s hospital stay, said AlDoy.

Wareed also creates a paperless environment by completing all the workflow and orders placement through the system.

The ministry is working to complete the partial implementation of Wareed in Saqr and Khorfakkan hospitals as well as remaining clinics this year.

Currently, the implementation of the system is being carried out in the remaining clinics and primary healthcare centres in Sharjah, followed by Ras Al Khaimah and Fujairah, respectively where the implementation has been facing challenges due to the lack of fibre optic connections by the telecom providers in some clinics’ areas.


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