Indian woman who jumped from Sharjah building was pregnant

Indian woman who jumped from Sharjah building was pregnant

Sharjah - Initial investigations have confirmed that the woman decided to end her life and there was no criminal act behind her death.

By Sahim Salim and Afkar Abdullah

Published: Tue 3 Oct 2017, 8:00 AM

Last updated: Wed 4 Oct 2017, 9:18 PM

A pregnant woman fell to her death from a high-rise in Sharjah on Monday morning. Prima facie, the police believe the woman committed suicide, as there was no evidence of any foul-play.

The 32-year-old Indian woman jumped from the seventh floor of the building in Al Majaz area. The incident was reported at 9.30am. She had a five-year-old daughter and was three months pregnant, according to residents of the building.

Residents said the woman lived on the third floor of the building. On the day of the incident, she went to her friend's flat on the seventh floor.

"She had a chat with her, after which she asked for a glass of water. The friend went to the kitchen to get the water, but when she came out, she couldn't find the woman. Fearing the worst, the friend woke her husband up, who realised the woman had jumped from the balcony."

On being notified about the incident, the police dispatched paramedics and patrols to the site. The team found the woman dead at the spot. Initial examinations revealed that she died from internal bleeding and severe damage to her skull.

The police detained a number of relatives and acquaintances to determine if there was foul-play. However, they have not found evidence for any.

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