Don't dump that old furniture on road, call Bee'ah to collect it

Dont dump that old furniture on road, call Beeah to collect it

Sharjah - Sharjah residents can avail of 'You Call We Haul' service by calling Bee'ah's customer service department.

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Afkar Ali Ahmed

Published: Tue 30 Oct 2018, 1:19 PM

Last updated: Tue 30 Oct 2018, 3:29 PM

Discarded sofas, tables, washing machines, TV sets, cupboards, microwave ovens, mattresses and other old stuff dumped near garbage bins in residential areas is quite a common sight. They are not just repulsive, but also hamper the movement of passers-by, while sullying the area.
The throwaway practice continues despite the fact that there's a free service - You Call We Haul - being provided by Bee'ah, the UAE's leading environmental management company, to scientifically dispose of the unwanted materials and recycle them in an eco-friendly way.
Of late, there has been a flood of complaints from residents about improper dumping of unwanted furniture, which affects the look of the city, as well as turns the area into a breeding ground for insects. People around residential buildings face trouble finding a way to evade these 'dumping yards'.
Citizens' grouse
Umm Khalid, a resident of a building in Al Qasim area in Sharjah, said that old furniture are just thrown out without any consideration for the environment. "They simply want to get rid of if it and dump it anywhere around the building. Every time, I try to drive my car out of the parking, I find something or the other hindering the vehicle's movement. I have to get off my car to remove either a box containing an old TV set, or a table or a suitcase. The watchmen don't care about the old stuff and they never tell people who get rid of them to do so in a proper way, because they themselves don't know how to," Khalid pointed out.
Sarina Prabhakaran, a tenant staying in a building in Al Mahatta, said that residents do not know about Bee'ah's services which can help them dispose of their unwanted furniture in a scientific way. The services must be promoted through various means of advertisement so people know it and stop the practice of dumping furniture or other things in public places, Prabhakaran added.
Mohammed Al Mazroui, owner of a building in Sharjah, said that stickers and publication to promote Bee'ah service are being pasted at the entrance of his building so residents can call the number when they want to dispose of unwanted furniture or some other bulky stuff. However, many of them, ignore it and just pile up the furniture outside the building, he lamented.
Safe disposal
A top official at Bee'ah told Khaleej Times that they are aware that broken furniture discarded near a trash bin looks dirty and is an eyesore. It also poses risks to the passers-by and causes inconvenience. "That's exactly why we started the 'You Call We Haul' - which is a free service that allows residents of Sharjah to dispose of their unwanted materials in a safe, responsible and environment-friendly way," the official added.
'You Call We Haul' is one of Bee'ah's many efforts to enhance environmental awareness and establish efficient waste management systems. Residents of Sharjah can leave their old furniture, refrigerators, washing machines and other bulky items in front of their buildings or villas and arrange for these items to be collected immediately, not just dump it on a public road and leave it just like that, he pointed out.
Sharjah residents can avail of this service by calling Bee'ah's customer service department and providing them with the necessary details. The company will send a specialised vehicle to collect the items through its Tandeef division. Tandeef - Bee'ah's waste collection division - has a fleet of trucks specialised for handling of large items, including furniture and appliances. Residents can also contact the 'You Call We Haul' service through the web application on the company's website. Once the furniture is collected, it is taken to the landfill, processed and materials - including wood, foam, steel, textiles, copper and aluminium - are recycled.
Ensuring efficiency
The Bee'ah official explained that since the launch of the free service, the company has collected tons of furniture from different areas of Sharjah. The most common items include sofas, cupboards, beds, dining tables and mattresses. The most frequent users come from the Asian community - namely Indians, Pakistanis and Bangladeshis. Bee'ah has also noticed that Arab expats use this service on a regular basis.
To ensure that the cutting-edge service is efficient,  Bee'ah has divided the city of Sharjah into 11 areas: Areas 1-7 are residential and 8-11 are industrial. Each area is further divided into sectors and zones. The company collects the majority of discarded furniture from areas where high rises are concentrated. The Bee'ah official said Eid and other important festivals are a high-peak season for furniture collection because many residents change their furniture and redecorate their homes during these occasions. Summer is considered an off-peak season as most residents are away.
In September, Bee'ah received 1,632 requests to collect furniture with as many as 88 requests on a single day. In the first six months of this year, 'You Call We Haul' received 9,506 requests for furniture collection. On an average, Bee'ah collects 30 tons of furniture per day and, in the first half of 2018, the company received around 4,500 tons of furniture. In order to ensure that people are aware of this service, Bee'ah has circulated flyers and posters in most buildings in Sharjah.
So, the next time you plan to throw away your old furniture, don't forget to give Bee'ah a call. It will not only save your fellow neighbours a huge trouble, but also make you an eco-conscious citizen.

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