RAK residents will miss 'deserted tower' forever

RAK residents will miss deserted tower forever
The Department of Public Works and Service completed the demolition of the tower.

Ras Al Khaimah - 17 days of non-stop work brings down Ras Al Khaimah's four decade-old tower.

The eye-catching four-decade old tower in downtown Ras Al Khaimah will no longer entertain onlookers.
The tall tower widely known as 'deserted building', was reduced to rubbles on Monday.
According to a top official, the Department of Public Works and Service completed the demolition of the tower on Monday.
The construction of the tower, which began in the 1970s was suspended with no clear reason and gained the nickname 'deserted building' over the years.
Ahmed Hamad Al Shehi, manager of public services in the department, said it took them 17 days of non-stop labour to bring down the incomplete building, which was very popular among the residents. "The department started the demolition work on September 3 in collaboration with the Ras Al Khaimah Municipality, which has issued a demolishing permit."
Al Shehi said the department has taken care of the surroundings and environment while demolishing the building.
"We stringently stick to the benchmarks of health and public cleanliness, mainly around the building."The incomplete building was so eye-catching because of its fragmentary appearance at a strategic location downtown, just few metres off the RAK Bridge."
He added that up to 200 big and moderate heavy trucks were used in removing the wreckage of the old and deserted building.
Last month, the RAK Municipality started wrecking 64 deserted farms and houses built in violation of law at six different areas in the emirate. These included 24 old houses at the areas of Al Maamura, Julphar, and Dahan, along with 40 abandoned farms at the areas of Al Rifa, Al Jazeera Al Hamra, and Awafi.
The plot of lands will be distributed among eligible nationals so that they can build new houses on them, said Munzir bin Shukr Al Zaabi, Director of the RAK Municipality.
"They will keep removing all the illegal old farms and houses in the emirate as per a survey conducted recently."
The department concerned has already identified 400 deserted houses at different areas specifically at Al Rifa, Al Jazeera Al Hamra, and Awafi, he added.
"The promising project is aimed at enhancing image of the emirate."

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